An Inconvenient Pack of Morons

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I have come to a very simple conclusion after watching An Inconvenient Truth.

SoApBoXWe are truly a nation of dumbasses.

First of all, no one needs to sell me on the concept of Global Warming. We all learned about this in 6th grade science class… In the 70’s.

The same people who insist that this is a “myth” are the same people who think “Theory” in science (Capital “T” as in “Theory of Evolution”) means the same thing as “conspiracy theory”… so, you know, consider the source.

So many people have tried to take Gore and this movie apart, and it’s so clear they never saw it, or else they’d know their arguments have already been taken apart.

  • “We’ve been coming out of an ice age for the last 10,000 years!”
    Gore presents scientific evidence from the last 600,000 years (including 7 of our ice ages) that prove indisputably that our CO2 emissions have spiked in the last 50 years, and the last ten hottest years on record occurred within the last 14 years.
  • “Global Warming on Earth… or Ice Age in Europe… well, which is it?”
    Ocean currents, temperatures and its effects are explained in great detail and in a way that even my 9 year old understood it. Melting polar caps of fresh water into the ocean CAN cause an ice age in parts of the globe. The melting glaciers that were once the Great Lakes in North America caused Europe’s last ice age.So yes, chuckles… you can have both!

Gore also pulls no punches about the 2000 election where he won by the popular vote nationwide, yet the Supreme Court decided to give Florida to Bush. This surprised a lot of people in the house here.

I thought EVERYONE knew that.

He shows a polar bear trying to find a block of ice in the North Pole to settle on before he drowns and how scientists are finding a large number of drowned polar bears where there were once plenty of places to land. OH NO!!!! SWIM POLAR BEAR SWIM!!!!

He PROVES how improving the environment will actually HELP our economy. (Did you know we can’t sell cars in China because we don’t meet their efficiency standards? Or how California was sued by auto makers for leading the way in emissions efficiency laws?).

And well, who the hell is thinking about getting their kid an X-Box when their city is going under from a class 5 hurricane? (Simulations also show parts of Florida and Manhattan joining New Orleans with the current trend of arctic land ice melting.)

Well I don’t know who this “new” Al Gore is, and what happened to the “Gorebot” that bored the hell out of me in 2000… But this guy is witty, intelligent, and sometimes even entertaining. So if he runs again for the White House, he’s got my vote.

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