How quickly they forget…

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People, you gotta love ’em.

With all the Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins bashing going on, I was on Mykeru.Com, where he brings up an article about 9/11… and oh lookie… Susan Sarandon cooking for the rescue workers, and Tim Robbins rounding up steel-toe boots for the crews at Ground Zero.

Yeah, they are sooooo damn un-American, aren’t they?
No one remembers that, they just want to remember how outspoken they’ve been on the war lately. Blacklisted from certain events for it.

Reverend Mykeru has also posted 20 Questions for the Warheads, I have yet to see any of the Warbloggers answer it (In their defense, they’ve been busy banning him left and right… They must have missed it.) Here’s my personal favorite:

5. Assuming that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and that the United States should remove him from power, please choose which terrorist attacks would have been prevented by a good old fashioned Iraqi regime change:
a. The 1993 bombing of the WTC by al-Qaeda.
b. The 1998 bombing of American embassies by al-Qaeda.
c. The attack on the USS Cole by al-Qaeda.
d. The September 11 attack by al-Qaeda.
e. None of the above.

hee hee… scathing sarcastic wit and venom on every page. You gotta love this guy! Add that with Les’ post that our reasons for war may have been a big lie


Please, people… don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly not implying that a little white lie about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction, (which was the whole foundation for defying the U.N., putting our troops at risk, killing a LOT more Iraqis and other gory stuff the news won’t show, and liberating a pack of people that aren’t exactly showing a heck of a lot of gratitude…) is ANYWHERE near as bad as a President lying about a blowjob… but well, HOO BOY.

Let’s boycott people and blacklist anyone who thought this was a bad idea. How un-American can you get by criticizing our President and his actions? Who does Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins think they are, anyway?

“We must follow our leaders without question. It’s the only way we’ll remain a free country” – Maj. Frank Burns, M*A*S*H 4077

I know, I know… some of you thought a belligerent prick like me would love a good war, right?

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22 thoughts on “How quickly they forget…

  1. Oh, E… the only reason you don’t like this war is because you’re not in charge of it. *snicker*

  2. Hell yeah… you know what irks me the most? This made me agree with the fucking FRENCH!!! I hate those guys! In fact I had to stop making fun of those snobby-ass, snail-eating bastards because picking on the french became fashionable. ARRRRGH!

  3. remember the other day when I said it was only infatuation? i lied…it’s true love baybee!

  4. I smell a conspiracy. Citroen, with the tactical support of hollywood superstars are planning a hostile takeover of General Motors and Ford. I’m sure Mr Bush will know what to do though.

  5. Well, look Sparky, of course Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins are anti-American. Sure they cooked and rounded up boots. But you remember that after 9/11 His Imperial Majesty GWB said that the best way to be patriotic was to go about our lives and BUY STUFF? Did they BUY those boots? Did they charge the fireman for the catered Blue Plate? No. Obviously just a ruse to force us into a recession. Fucking Pinkos.

    Speaking of how quickly they forget, all the right-wing nut bloggers thought I was all cool and shit when I was busting on Mumia, but turn that self same critical eye on Bush and the war? Yup, you guessed it: I’m evil and insulting and beyond the pale and even the Amish think I’m a “shitbag”. Sigh, it’s all a temporary stay of execution with these Atlas Shrugged spouting kids.

    Nice blog, BTW. And not just because you agree with me. Oh, OK, mostly because you agree with me. Oh, hell, ok: Only because you agree with me.

  6. Well Well, I make it back to my rounds of reading and of course have to come by “my legs fan” and to read nothing has changed *S*. Have missed reading your rants as you handle them so well ~

  7. Hey “legs”, great to see ya!

    Hey Rev, thanks for the kind words. I really don’t know that Vicky person too well, but your side of the story was funny as hell! :0)

    Don’t be a stranger, and you’re welcome here anytime, as long as you don’t troll me like you do the Warbloggers (ie: disagree with me on anything I say, or ask questions that would put me in a position to admit I’m wrong about everything and a politically-naive moron.)

    Comments sections are not here for healthy discussions of a topic, silly! Only for the reader to state that the author is right. People with a mind of their own will not be tolerated here. :0)

    Really, Donna? *swoon*

  8. Nice burn. (Must now see Rev. Mykeru.)
    Memory fades a lot faster than inner beauty, which Tim & Susan both possess. Thank you for reminding us of that fact.

  9. Nice burn
    Oh God! I hope he knows I was being a smartass about the comments!

  10. I was talking about your blog entry as a whole: nice burn of the people that forgot how we were briefly united after 9/11, you idiot. (I mean that with love.)
    ‘K, I’m gonna go pick at something now.

  11. Eric,

    Joking? No, sorry, I had to get the irony and sarcasm centers of my brain removed after Nov. 2000, the strain to my psyche was too great.

    Kate s.,

    Isn’t it wonderful how the moment of goodwill following 9/11 was squandered for the neo-con smash and grab? It gives me the warm fuzzies.

  12. I always thought it took years for the theories and the story they wouldn’t show us about things like this to come out in the public arena. Only a few weeks? That’s quick.

  13. Yeah… you gotta give the Internet and blogs credit. News of Trent Lott being a bigot & asshole, and Rick Santorum being a serious homophobe hitting blogs and BBS’s in a matter of hours.

    Makes you wonder how Watergate or the Iran/Contra hearings would have gone if we were connected then?

  14. Eric,

    Does that mean we have to point and laugh at the “Well, now it doesn’t matter if there were really WMD” folks who think that a president lying to the American people is just fine provided it’s not Bill Clinton lying about getting head?

  15. Well…I was going to be good and not say anything…

    but could I resist? Of course not! 😉

    You must excuse me if, when I think of the good things that were done during and after the events of September 11th, that Mr. Robbins and Ms. Sarandon don’t top my list.

    I work in the fire industry and I am daily reminded of the brave men and women who were climbing UP the stairs when the panicked tenants were running down them. So, I’m sure you’ll understand if I think of them or of Todd Beamer or of one of the other real heros of that day.

    And as for my opinion of Ms. Sarandon and Mr. Robbins, I can’t say that their anti-war protesting has really changed my opinion of them at all. I didn’t like the majority of their movies before the war and I will probably not like the majority of them afterwards. *g*

    As far as the rest of the pro-war/anti-war bickering, um…I’ll kindly abstain…I do have better things to do. *g*

  16. Susan,
    Not to encourage “bickering” and other unpleasantness that might spoil our lighthearted appreciation of death, horror, mayhem, and assorted cluster bombing, but, in your opinion, what exactly is it that Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon did wrong?

    As I have indicated, like a lot of people living in the Tribeca area of New York, they pitched in. They did what they could according to ability. Steve Buscemi, a former NY fireman put on his old uniform and searched the rubble. Many restaurants in the area began giving out free food and floor space to rescue workers. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon did what they could. It’s rather, well, disingenuous for people like Charlie Daniels to rant incessently about the pampered Hollywood crowd (although, when I last checked Manhattan wasn’t in Hollywood) and then, just to prove that nothing is good enough, have others put down people for not doing enough.

    Then again, if you have “better things to do” than discuss this war, the direction this country is taking, and how it is that basically good, well-meaning people can be blacklisted for having a conscience rather than, for example, patriotically able to dismiss dead innocents as “collateral damage”, it must be one huge earth-shakingly BETTER thing you have to do. Hopefully it is not like Barbara Bush not wanting to trouble her “beautiful mind” on the thought of dead servicemen. I have never consider self-centered solipcistic masturbation, even when you are a former First Lady, to be a particularly elevated pursuit.

    However, although you have “better things” to do, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to imply that Tim and Susan, short of running into collapsing buildings and augering passenger planes into the ground, have fallen short of your standards.

  17. “As far as the rest of the pro-war/anti-war bickering…”
    I certainly don’t think there’s bickering on the war here. In my opinion, it’s too late for that. We’re in in, there’s no turning back… to just walk away now in the middle of all the chaos going on… it would be a disaster.

    Of course, I have the highest respect for everyone who risked/lost their lives that day (considering I knew one of them), but all of the people that pitched in afterward are all heroes in my book too.

    I think people have the right to boycott whomever they like, for whatever reasons… I also don’t think my 2¢ is worth costing me my livelihood…. it’s just that I don’t think a lot of people are aware (I only just found out myself) of Sarandon and Robbins’ contributions when this country was in its darkest hour, when they’re now labeled “traitors” and “un-American”.

    …and well I thought She looked REALLY HOT in her underwear through 2/3’rds of Rocky Horror.

  18. Well, if we get to boycott actors for expressing political views, is it too late to run a steam roller over old copies of Planet of the Apes and tell sponsors that we refuse to buy products being sold in conjunction with Magnum PI in syndication?

    Or does that only work to blacklist leftist actors?

    You see, I have this really traitorous commie-pinko idea that there is something un-American in punishing people, economically or otherwise, for expressing political views. Economic boycotts are for people who can’t close a sale in the marketplace of ideas. I can watch the Adventures of Robin Hood, even if Erol Flynn was a Nazi double agent, because my ability to refute ideas I don’t like extend to expressions a little more sophisticated than boycotting an actor.

    And let’s face it. Boycotting an actor isn’t a counter expression of free speech. It’s an attempt to punish the actor, other actors he/she works with, the director, the production company in order to blacklist and create an air or prior restraint. Is just HUAC by another name. It’s the actions of people who have to put a gun to other people’s heads as proof of their own intellectual vacuousness.

    The answer to speech people don’t like is more speech, not coy and cutesy ways to shut them up.

    Destroying Beatle’s records because John Lennon said they were bigger than Jesus is not proof one way or another whether the Beatles really were bigger than Jesus. Just that the remark, true or false, pissed people off.

  19. My oh my…I see what you mean…you do like to attack people in comments, don’t you? 🙂

    I didn’t say anything about Susan Sarandon or Tim Robbins other than I didn’t like their movies. I’m not, for the record, one of those people who’s running out to boycott them because of their political views. I’m not fond of their acting in general, but that doesn’t have anything to do with their politics.

    My opinion kind of is the same as -e-‘s on this that the war is, for all extents and purposes, over and a full out attack on people, whether they be actors, heads of state, soldiers or bloggers, in any shape or form isn’t worth my time. Like I said, I have better things to do. How is personal attacks on the President, Susan Sarandon or me going to improve the state of our country?

    I just resented the implication that because they’re famous, I’m supposed to remember all the good charity acts they do. I’m not sitting here with a list of celebrities and chalking up what they do or do not do in their spare time.

    I think it’s great that they took the time to try to find something they could do to help out…but this doesn’t make them better/worse than any other of the thousands of New Yorkers, Pennsylvanians or residents of D.C. who did much the same thing.

    Maybe if all of us followed Susan Sarandon’s example of pitching in and helping instead of screaming at each other behind the safety of our computer screens, America would be a much better place to be.

    (And for the record, I’m not a Republican…just in case you assumed I was. ;))

  20. Well, Susan, Rev. I think we’re all on a similar mindset… just different temperaments.

    My whole reason for the post was twofold:

    1) to offset the negative publicity and impression people have of Sarandon and Robbins (Like I said… I’m only just hearing about this. )

    2) To piss off those idiotic Warbloggers.

    I don’t believe in boycotting people for their views (for funding dangerous people, maybe… but I can’t think of any instances.) Walt Disney was reportedly pro-nazi, that’s not going to stop me from taking my kids to the next movie.

    My link list is filled with people that have opposing views from mine, on a wide variety of subjects. A couple have even point-blank opposed me on some things, cursed me out, and de-linked me… and I wont delink them.

    I find that stimulating, calm & cool, conversation on an issue can do wonders… sometimes I even learn something.

  21. I have found that the best way to not be accused of “attacking” people is to not hold a contrary position. However, this only works, Zelig-like, one-on-one. In larger groups it’s far more difficult. Also, like restaurants, it’s location, location, location. The trick there is not to place yourself, say, between the Grand Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and the NAACP counter demonstrators. That’s a logistical nightmare right there.

    Of course, the problem there is that it ultimately requires the level of apathy and convictionless (the “whatever” quotient) that I find personally appalling.

  22. Whatever. *snicker*
    Seriously, folks, that three-way was very exciting. Made my day. Took a break from mundane housework to check in on my new friends, and lookee what I found. A wonderful triathalon. I’m tickled pink it ended so well.
    “…we’re all on a similar mindset, just diff. temperaments.” Personally, I feel MOST of the world’s disagreements are because of the multitudinous ways we all “see” words. Language is the charged barbed wire we trip over to get to each other’s hearts and minds. So Eric’s intro about same minds/diff. temperaments I think would be an excellent motto for the world to try and embrace.

    If warring factions, heads of state, and sibling bloggers could all come to the table assuming that we basically want the same things, it would eliminate much time-gobbling bickering and end a lot of world strife. It has worked for hostage negotiators, diplomats, Native Tribes, real estate agents, indigenous peoples of the Amazon, certain members of the animal kingdom, schools of fish and plants.

    An evolved Humanity could make it work for our modern global society as well.

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