GOP Wars: A New Hope

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Jedi Teddy
I know. I know….
I swore I was shutting up about politics.

But check it:
Republicans For Dean
(Hat Tip: Wacky Neighbor)

And yes… it’s for real. It’s run by Dennis Sanders of ModerateRepublican.Net.

“Moderate Republicans believe in community, compassion, pragmatism, common sense, political-fellowship, and, most importantly — intellectual honesty. “

That not only sounds like my philosophy, but of a certain R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N State Representative* I just had the honor of working with as well.

Between that an a recent quote from Monroe County GOP Chairperson Linda Womer: “I would rather stick a pencil in my eye“, in reference to seeing a swearing in ceremony regarding an individual I’d rather not talk about at this time…

It appears that ethics is alive and well in the Republican Party… and my faith in the GOP is slowly being restored, as “Compassionate Conservatives” like George “Bring ’em on!” Dummya are slowly but surely killing me!

I also think the public is sick of the “Far-right wingnuts”, and the “Way-out-lefty Moonbats” as well.

(* This should not be construed way shape or form an implication that Kelly Lewis or Linda Womer is endorsing Howard Dean… quite frankly, their time and concern is mostly spent on cleaning up our back yard here in Dodge City. I have no idea who they’re voting for as Preznit, nor do I care. See disclaimer below for more clarification. )

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4 thoughts on “GOP Wars: A New Hope

  1. are you trying to tell me that the last 3 years have turned you from the Republican party while these 3 same years have turned me from the Democratic party? This really is a strange world.

    p.s. my faith in the Dems is far far away from being restored.

  2. Well, to be honest it wasn’t the Bush administration that turned me off… it’s where I live. It TOO far-to-the-right Republican.

    New York Reps look like bleeding heart liberals compared to anyone out here: “Oh you lost your job/home? Good! Now starve/freeze. That’ll teach ya!”

    I find local politics far more interesting anyway.

  3. Local politics is always very interesting. And easily relatible. Also, a good place to start for anyone with a hankerin’ to throw their hat in the ring.
    I loved that: “I would rather stick a pencil in my eye.” Lol.

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