Oh the Drama-O-Rama-Lama Ding Dong!

Oh! The drama!!!HA! HA! HA! HA!
Oh man, I thought I was the only one in the world who had problems with this word-twisting loosely-glued NUT CASE!!!

Oh yeah, comments are on. I wouldn’t miss the fireworks for anything!!!

(Found via Kare, who has some pretty wise words on web conflicts.

Not as wise as Geoffrey’s parting remarks though. *SNORT!!!*)

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43 thoughts on “Oh the Drama-O-Rama-Lama Ding Dong!

  1. I love it. It gets even better when others start picking up her cause. ie: Jane @ Social Reject.

  2. I just read the comments where you were supposedly “bashing gays”. Jesus!!!! Beermary has NO sense of reading comprehension or sense of context.

  3. I am just bumming! she banned me for her spitting post and I can’t see the clusterfuck! ~waaaaa~

    That chick is a bit, er, off if’n yall ask me.

  4. A bit off??? Beermary is off her frickin’ rocker, simple as that! First she claims people are threatening her. Then people aren’t threatening her; MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND, YOU PARANOID DRUNKEN BITCH!!!!

  5. oh…there is SO much I could say about this…I think I’ll leave it with, I damn sure don’t need a psycho like that defending me, or debating whether I’m gay due to nurture/nature…
    I do wish I could have read the one that started it all that got removed though!
    *s* thanks -e-, I needed a good drama today

  6. T, and everyone else…

    Here’s the post that started the firestorm. Geoffrey mentions a few things he doesn’t approve of… one of the things he mentions is NAMBLA… she objects with lumping in gays with NAMBLA (which is understandable), but then she follows it up with a ridiculous remark that they aren’t gay because some of them are married or are in heterosexual relationships.

    (That remark strikes me as kind of dumb. There’s a sexual attraction to someone of the same sex here… albeit a sick and twisted one, as we’re talking about a child here. Somehow bi-sexuals or latent homosexuality don’t fit in her little world.)

    He (1) apologizes, tried to explain what he meant, and then (2) tries to correct her statement… so (1) goes completely out the window.

    There’s a difference in opinion here. No problem. (Or he was just being a smartass) Whether or not anyone agrees with Geoffrey’s assesment of what’s “acceptable” or “traditional”is irrelevant. It’s not (at least in my opinion) gay bashing. It’s just his opinion, that’s all.

    What REALLY sets her off is a comment from Simon, where he takes homosexuality from a genetic point of view, and he refers to a “deviant branch”.

    She takes it as “sexual deviants”, while the rest of the world who took genetics in junior high knows he meant “deviant” as in a gene “straying to a different path”.

    From there on in, it’s considered “gay bashing”, and no one can tell Beermary otherwise… she becomes righteously indignant. Almost in a (for lack of a better word) “white guilt” sorta way.

    It’s all in the comments. This guy breaks the conversation down pretty well too.

  7. Still wading through this shit

    current take

    Geoffry and Simon major moronic assholes trying to spin off some fucked up viewpoints. Mary, doesn’t handle such nastiness well. OK, it doesn’t make her crazy, just emotional.

    I will get through this, if not to plainly refute simon’s callous ignorance

  8. Definitely the funniest, Kare! :0)

    Well, Mary and I had a nasty little run-in over at our former buddy’s place. Trust me, John… this chick can fly off the handle at the drop of a dime. I don’t know about Simon, but Geoffrey strikes me as somewhat of a smartass, but he did try to rectify his original statement.

    I disagreed with his opinion about same-sex marriages, but I still don’t think he’s anti-gay. If he thought putting mayonnaise on a hamburger was disgusting, would that make him “anti-hamburger”?

  9. I’m anything but anti-gay. I had lunch with my dyke friend today. We don’t agree on everything. Sometimes we discuss it, sometimes we don’t. We’re still friends, though. I actually gave her the “run down” on the events, as honestly as I could remember, and she laughed her ass off.

    She thinks homosexuality is genetic. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other. She respects my views, I respect hers.

    I doubt she’d be friends with a homophobe. Unless she’s just using me for my beach house.

    That bitch, she probably is.

  10. Being against same-sex marriage is anti-gay. Marriage is a legal institution. It might also be religious to some people. Since this is a free country they have every right to their opinion and then they can go to hell.

    I have gay, black friends. That proves I’m better than you! fuckin a.

  11. Hell, it doesn’t take much to be better than me.

    Not supporting gay marriage is hardly being anti-gay. Big difference.

    It’s anyone’s right to be anti-whatever-they-want. I call upon that right frequently. When I’m anti-something, I’ll let you know.

    I have gay, black, handicapped friends.

  12. Thank you -e-!!
    went, read, and have to agree with what she said in her post…also have to disagree with simon, but he is entitled to his opinion, however, studies have proved his little theory that it “choice” is wrong…
    however, it didn’t warrant the attack…he was just trying to express his pov

    (and they’re not ‘gay’ rights, they’re ‘human’ rights!)

  13. well, T, until we reach a day and age where we recognize all people just want to be happy and equal… well, here’s hoping. :0)

    As far as the most tolerant, unprejudiced contest goes… I have a black WOMAN friend whose part polish & eskimo with down syndrome?

    Or she could be chinese… I dunno.
    Did I win?

  14. Well, Mary and I had a nasty little run-in over at our former buddy’s place.

    Eric, you are a prick. If you have a fucking problem with me, at least have the balls to tell me to my face. Guess we’re going back to 1999 now. How soon you forget all the crap I’ve seen you through, not the least of which was the spew coming from your “new” buddy Kare. I’d tell you to go fuck yourself, but I’m afraid you’d enjoy it too much.

  15. Hey Faith, bite me. There was “spew” coming from both sides. Let’s not forget that little factoid, k? Besides, if you aren’t a big enough person to let the past BE the past, then that’s your problem.

  16. “How soon you forget all the crap I’ve seen you through”
    Ah, yes… Faith , of course. All you’ve seen me through. Like I never did nothing for you right? Talk about revisionist history… I see you removed the post you had about Carole going to jail and how people like her and me are the reason people like you have to pay higher taxes to support us (what was that April 2001?).

    Do you really want to stroll down memory lane? We’ve all snipped at each other and became friends again.

    Now that you’ve practically declared war on just about everybody, I’d like to make sure I have some friends left before you go on total self-destruct, ok?

    No deleting here, babe… I’m not afraid of what anyone has to say.

  17. Yeah Red, I’ve obviously missed something too. And big bad Eric too concerned with what others think to think on his own. Never thought I’d see the day.

  18. That right. Now I’m more concerned with what a *lot* of people think of me now, as opposed to what what one person will say or do…

    … as opposed to you coming in, destroying conversations, and attacking people in my comments that you don’t particularly care for. Simply because it amuses you, and you have no respect for people…

    Are you that blind, or just stupid?
    Or is it that you can’t take a hint for the past few weeks…?

  19. John, Mary does sorta fly off the handle without warning. She called me abusive after she took exception to a comment I made on her blog regarding a prison term for spitting.

    She was extremely defensive and extremely insulting for very little reason I could see. Although, in the end I’m pretty sure what really set her off was a comment I made regarding a post she made about how ugly she is.

    I stated that her level of self-hatred made me uncomfortable. Maybe she doesn’t like it that I pointed out that she appears to have zero self-esteem. I don’t know. All I know is I’d only been visiting her blog for a couple of weeks and maybe posted 5 or 6 comments…she banned me pronto quick and didn’t hesitate one second to send me 4, count em 4, nasty emails.

    I call that just a bit off. Anyone that emotional might look into getting a bit o’ help…that’s all.

  20. Donna you answer your own question. Lot’s of people have self-esteem issues and just maybe they might feel more comfortable to reveal them in the confines of a website. Exercise some restraint if you suspect that about the site owner in the future. Why add to it?

    For the rest, it makes you a total asshole for not leaving someone alone that might be prone to emotional outbreaks, please don’t take offense (hah). It’s just an opinion based off the very real fact that some of you have gone back and stirred it up. The only reason I came up with is that it makes you feel better about yourselves. You can all feel good about how you are been attacked by the “insane chick” in email and comments. Oh, I feel sooo sorry for you! Please, you are supposed to be adults.

    I’m done with this. It’s so embarrassingly petty and I’ve been that way about a lot of things. Maybe it’s good for me to see it from the outside like this and get a good whiff. I’ve spent enough time and energy tearing things apart instead of making something. I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to post, but it will be my last venture into blogbating. I’m not going to ignore it when people suffer REAL attacks, but you can count me out of this childish labeling and demonizing. I’m not going to stroke one person’s ego at the expense of others.

  21. I understand what you’re saying John…
    I’d love a more positive and constructive web. I’ve been cleaning house here for two months and getting nothing but hell for it.

    But I don’t think me and Donna are assholes for getting together and comparing notes. I never knew this happened to Donna, as I’m sure she never knew I got my head ripped off elsewhere.

    Are we expected to just get pissed on, and walk away without warning the next guy in line?

    I love ya man, but this new & improved highly-judgmental John is going to take some getting used to. :0)

  22. John, I seem to recall you labeling me as insane not too very long ago. You had no problem with it then, as you were taking up for a friend. Double standards or are you *really* turning over a new leaf?

  23. I guess the moral of the story for me is that no matter how much a blog might come off as intelligent, witty and respectful of free thinking and free expression (as I thought Mary’s blog did when i found it and began to read it), one really does not know who the person behind the words is.

    One must not be surprised when one finds out they might have been wrong in their assessment.

    I’ll just say that I was kind of stunned with what she said to me. i wasn’t expecting it at all. I am one of those people that can get downright nasty and I usually know when I am…in this instance, not only was I restrained and reasonable, i couldn’t find where I was being offensive to her.

    I was absolutely NOT expecting her level of venom. It came out of nowhere and maybe that’s why it bothers me so much. I still believe that any person who has such overwhelmingly strong reactions, displays the kind of esteem issues she displays, needs some help. I’m not saying she’s crazy. I’m saying she may be suffering from depression, mania or any number of problems. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to get checked out, imo.

    He made herself sound like I was victimising her. I find that highly suspect is all, especially since I had barely been visiting her blog for 2 weeks. Just odd to me.

  24. Mary is looking for attention, that’s all. She likes the “poor me” role.

    Anyone that comes to my blog knows that it’s not intelligent, witty, or respectful.

  25. What’s this “All the trouble i’ve seen you through business?” Was she your shoulder to lean on in troubled waters? Well she’s off to the races bashing the shit out of you on her site. Ding ding. Another hypocrite!! BTW, I love lesbians!

  26. Who the hell is Preacher John asshole anyhow?

  27. Gee, you ask a lot of questions for someone who’s “all knowing”, Gordon. :0)

    Yes Faith has been there for me for a lot of things. Helped draft a legal letter for my wife to read a judge, she gave me webspace to vent when this site wasn’t safe, backed me up on a bunch of flamewars…

    I give credit where credit is due. She can paint this all as one-sided if she wishes. Out of respect for what was once a great friendship, I’ll leave it at that.

    I know I did things for her too… but she chooses to remember things as she wants. My reasons for ending it are my own, maybe I owe her an explaination, but that would be private.

    Let her rant with her friends. Let them talk about how I cause my own problems and it’s “never my fault”.

  28. Gordon – To answer your question, Preacher John (I bet he didn’t know he’d made Ministerial rank) is an intelligent, thoughtful human being who doesn’t like seeing ugly mob behavior or piling on someone, even if everyone thinks it’s justified. He cares about the web and the people on it.

    Unlike you, you fucking prick.

  29. Eric: I specifically apologize to you, and you alone, for my use of profanity in your comments. If it means you feel the need to delink me or whatever, that’s fine, I understand. I simply find the idea that someone could call John Namest either preachy or an asshole and not get called on it intolerable. Being that I am both preachy and an asshole of gigantic fucking proportions myself, I know preachy assholes, and John’s not one.

  30. No not at all, Matt.
    This mob mentality stuff is the reason why I don’t want comments any more.

    I meant to add in the reply, that John, like me, is getting sick of the ugliness all over blogs with wars and attacks… but I got sidetracked.

    I completely stand by your response, Matt.
    This whole post was a big mistake.

  31. Yeah, if you don’t like drama on your blog, you definately don’t want to quote any of my posts.

    What John said didn’t bother me in the least. He wasn’t entirely off base, either. Sorry Matt, it was preachy, though.

  32. Got pictures of it, Melly? :0)

    Naw Geoffrey, I claim 100% responsibility for this train wreck. It’s an interesting sociology experiment though. While so many people claim these kinds of debacles are such turn-offs, then why do sites get record-high visitors during flame wars? Why do I find new favorite reads in the heat of battle?

    *sigh* and it just cost me two good friends.

  33. We’ve all pretty much said all we can about this, right? Good.

    “Hitler, Nazi, Goering!”

    I have just invoked Godwin’s law. This topic is now closed.

    Now if you guys can PLEASE focus your comedic energies to the contest in the next post, I would greatly appreciate it.

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