The Rat Bastard factor (redux)

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** UPDATE: Dec 11th – UH OH! Mark got FARKED-UP! (Hat tip: Kathy K) **

Or perhaps this should be aptly titled “How to wreck your career in one night”

Remember my little rant “The Rat Bastard Factor“?
Well, the tale gets better…

Pazuhanich Charged With Indecent Assault
“Charges have been filed against Monroe County District Attorney Mark Pazuhanich. Now police have issued a warrant for his arrest… Pazuhanich is now charged with four counts, including indecent assault, putting a child in danger and corruption of a minor. ”

In laymen’s terms: He allegedly fondled his own daughter, and was seen by a security guard and a concerned mother, doing it at the Hilary Duff concert last Saturday in Wilkes Barre.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen… welcome to my world.
Only in the Poconos can you get a District Attorney, who was best known for:

  • Recently being slammed by PA Supreme court for “Prosecutorial Misconduct” in his handling of the Michael Manning Case
  • Currently investigated for missappropriating funds earmarked for sexual assault/domestic violence cases
  • His unwillingness to help residents screwed over in the real estate scams in the Poconos
  • And we all voted him in to become a judge (anyway).

    Of course, I’ve heard rumors that the “Undisclosed charges” were “Child Molestation” all week. I wasn’t going to comment until I know for sure. That’s a kind of charge that takes little to anger the masses, and the accused finds themself in a “guilty until proven innocent” scenario.

    It’s the kind of thing that will destroy a person’s very life.
    You have to be careful with that stuff.

    Now that the arrest warrant is out, and he’s nowhere to be found (they *think* he’s in rehab, that’s what his attorney contends)… now I can say it.

    Of course anyone who has read my site over the years, and all my family went through (stories have been deleted for our own protection), don’t have to ask me:

    “Hey is this something personal you have against Pazuhanich?”

    Because they know my answer will be “Hell Yeah.”

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    10 thoughts on “The Rat Bastard factor (redux)

    1. I can understand the anger and the joy you probably got in finally being able to voice your opinions on this jackass, but what does him being a republican have to do with anything? I can assure you there are just as many jackass democrats/socialists/libertarians/etc. as there are bastard republicans.

      If it’s somehow revelant and I’m just missing the point, I’d love to hear about it. I just can’t quite see it from the post.

    2. Sorry, made my comment before you had added the lines below “Oh yeah, and he’s a Republican.” It originally sounded as if you were saying his political affiliation were somehow tied to his being a rat bastard.

    3. In actuality, during the judges race, they all cross-filed and he could have won as a Democrat instead. Hee hee… there’s really no relevance in that. It was a trick to get people talking, as I noticed many missed the one a few posts below about his arrest.

      Believe me, the Democrats have Sharpton right now. I think that speaks volumes and proves your point beyond any reasonable doubt. :0)

    4. In response to the comment above: Yeah, I was doing some editing since I posted, so that was unfair to you Misty.

      Actually, you’re right… it had absolutely nothing to do with the topic, so it has since been removed.

    5. From the tv broadcast:
      “Mark decided to place himself in rehab on Wednesday, because of the stress he is undergoing, not because of his public drunkenness charge. ”

      “Now his attorney says Pazuhanich entered rehab so he doesn’t have a relapse. “It was a pre-emptive strike so that he would not fall off the wagon and he felt this was the best move he could make to facilitate the stress,”

      He was piss-drunk at the concert, so I would find it safe to assume he ALREADY fell off the wagon… this is the guy he hired to defend him? Jesus!

      (s)Pazuhanich is SCREWED!!!!

    6. justice will be served. i have a personal interest in the outcome of this but i am repulsed by the whole thing.

      Let’s mention the fact that Mark lives in the Poconos and had to drive at least an hour to the concert. Did he drive drunk to the concert?? Did he get smashed while in Wilkes Barrre? WAS he going to drive home drunk with his ten year old daughter in the car??
      I think he should be disbarred.

      He has already had many chances.
      He has no one to blame but himself.
      He drank. No one forced him. Now he must pay the price.

    7. Pazuhanich is screwed, for those of us who could just tell he was a shady “rat bastard” beady eyed weirdo, this is no surprise, but the problem is, he can DEMAnd TO BE SWORN IN AT ANY TIME!!! Just great, he’ll prolly try it.

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