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This will bring me (and by osmosis, all of us) maximum exposure. Let’s face it. I’M A “PROBLEM ADULT”!!! I love a good spanking as much as the next guy, but I need positive reinforcement and encouragement every once in a while or I end up doing stuff. I mean, I would take a bullet for you guys… is asking for a couple of votes gonna kill yas? I mean, really. I’ve already spammed sent notifications to a few of you from NewGrounds.

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Klondike Kate stopped by yesterday, to review the recent controversy for her Sunday bounce-a-thonfeature (Much like my “Newz & Gossip” section, except I don’t have the time to deal with petty details like “research” and “the facts”.) Here’s what she says:

“I understand you Eric, especially after I read hours and hours of your tar-and-feathering incident on many different sites. Curiosity finally won and bid me to take a gander at both the offended party’s site and your site to see what all the hoopla was about. (BTW? I had a lot of fun at your site. You have cool shit to give away, you embrace life with big sweaty arms…)”

Big sweaty arms???
*sniff sniff*
okay… well she says more…

“And what did I find? I think you are a smart-ass, just like me. You possess a wicked, irreverent wit which oozes out of every pore. You are a pestering pixie, a mischievous leprechaun, a spirited sprite. You thrive on danger as you skateboard down the railing, whizzing past our heads in a rush of air”

Wow. It’s like she’s known me all my life! :0)

So now, Kate has inspired me to find a way to lay tribute to all of my friends who have said nice things about me this week… without causing trouble.

“Hang in there E, we know you’ve offended lots of good folks… and we love you for it ” – Daphne, Villa Santiago

“Eric made a wiseass comment (uh, AS USUAL. Nothing new there, folks.)” – Angel A. Fish, KissMyFish.Net

“Eric is the kind of guy that prefers to use gasoline when putting out fires so they burn really bright before going away. Asinine, perhaps, but not racist.” – John, Linkworthy

“Eric may be a stupendously outspoken jackass, sure, but racist? Hardly. He’s an equal-opportunity misanthrope.” – Graham, Virulent Memes

“I myself have called Eric many, many names ;), but racist? Never even crossed my mind.” – Lee, of Dailee (in Faith’s comments)

“So that was the spirit the comment was intended in. I knew this instantly when I read it, because I know E very well. He is one of the finest people I have ever known. Period.” – Maria, Dayzed & Confused

There was more… and I’ll add them later.

(Past commentaries…)
“If Don Rickles were a web author, he might come up with something like this. Otherwise impossible to describe. Addictive, in a guilt-inducing fashion.” – Jeffrey Zeldman, Exit Gallery

“If an asteroid were to hit the earth, it would hit Eric Brooks’ House. It wouldn’t stop him or slow him down.” – Alan Herrell, Pixelview Interview

For reasons that completely elude me… YOU PEOPLE LOVE ME!!!!
(I think.)

I kinda rule the latest mess more of a “cultural” thing than a “racial” one… Americans get me. Australians get me. Canadians get me. Brazilians get me. Colombians get me. You guys rule!

Most of Europe (particularly parts of the the U.K.) never seem to understand where I’m coming from (ok, except Germany and the Netherlands… you guys FUCKING ROCK!!!).

Why is that? And did I leave out any of the other countries that appreciate mean-sprited pricks like me?

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21 thoughts on “The reviews are in…

  1. You’re the man, Benway!!!! Maybe I should say “parts of the UK”. I’m sorry for generalizing, bro.

  2. well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love you…maybe strong infatuation is more the thing.

    Let it be known in the Land Of Blog that antisocial-Irish-old-bat-bitches get you. and really, what the fuck more do you need?

  3. of course we love you…you’re as twisted as the rest of us are, only difference is you don’t try to hide it like we do *s*

  4. I get you…but then again, I also have that sick and twisted sense of humor, so…(my mom says i get it from my step-dad…I think it’s genetic…*grin*)

    PS: Loved Superdudes! too funny!

  5. I was worried about the “big sweaty arms” part. Glad to see you took it in the spirit it was intended: B.O.
    Now, go sit over there.
    (Your “up” spirit is inspiring. You’re mental and, I hope I don’t get any on me.)

  6. Can’t load the Super Dudes, dude. wazzup with that? Help me, I’ve fallen and can’t get up. Am I doing something luddite again?

  7. Well, I just met you a few days ago and I’ve enjoyed my visits here immensely. You are one funny guy, Eric!

    Oh and I loved Super Dudes!

  8. ahhhhh, Eric. the best way i can describe it is:

    it’s like watching a bus crash about to happen. you KNOW it’s going to happen and you KNOW it’s gonna be messy. but you just have to keep watching.


  9. “Can’t load the Super Dudes, dude.”

    1) Do you have the latest Flash Plug in? (Are you able to see the navigation at the top of this page?)

    2) It’s not a direct link to the movie. Just the page on NewGrounds where you vote and give me a “5” rating repeatedly, and then click on the “WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!” link.

    3) What kind of browser are you using?

  10. Boogedy boogedy boogedy! Blah! 9 out of 10 Angels prefer wiseasses. They beat the hell out of dumbasses.

    Literally. 😉

  11. …and another thing: It seems I am NEVER the first person to say something wisecracky anymore…I think I’ve lost my edge. Shit.

  12. OMG!! I can’t stop laughing!! First the police report, and then the Super Friends!! Too great!!! I voted for ya, and I will spread the word to all my friends!! You really talented, in a sick sort of way…… heheheheee!!! Love you! *smooch*

  13. Police report??? What kind of trouble …
    Oh wait, I know what you’re talking about now. hee hee *winks at Maria*.

    Though I just scoured your site to see what kind of trouble you & Warren are causing now…

    Don’t mind me… I just woke up from a 4 hour nap. :0)

  14. I’d feel really bad if this showed up in a Google Search eventually.

    Well. No. Not really.

  15. Hey! I’m in the UK, and I fucking rock. You’d better not be talking about my parts.

  16. newgrounds is down – did you kill it with your awesomeness? 🙂

    I’ll check it later – looking forward to it 🙂

  17. its crap like this whole blogshares thing that makes me glad i’m just a lurker in blogland now and no longer a participant.

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