You can’t HANDLE the TRUTH!!!

Secundum Quid – Latin for “according to something”. If you’ve taken Logic in college, it’s also the concept of “Drawing a conclusion based on insufficient information”.

For example:
Fact #1 Mad people belong in an institution.
Fact #2 The flat tire made Mr. Jones mad.
Conclusion: Mr. Jones belongs in an institution.

Or from the IQ test:
“If some quips are quods, and all quos are quods…
Then some quips are quos?”
Makes sense to assume so, doesn’t it?

Unless you replace the words with:
“If some fish are mammals, and all dogs are mammals…
Then some fish are dogs?”

Once you grasp the concept of “Secundum Quid” you can alter the very fabric of reality… using your enemy’s own flawed thinking *against* them.

So now I pose to you… is the web fake?
Is everyone on the web a phony?

Do you have enough information to draw that conclusion?
Do you have enough information to draw that conclusion with those you know in real life?

There’s three sides to every story. One side, the other side (both using secundum quid, based solely on their perspective.), and somewhere in the middle is a thin, grey line called “the PURE truth”.

Rarely (if ever) do you see that side of the story. Even in real life “the history books are written by the winners”.

Weblogs are one-sided accounts based on the perspective of ONE person. You will know *only* what they want you to know. See *only* what they want you to see.

  • Conclusion #1: The web is as real, or as fake, as you want it to be.
  • Conclusion #2: Your entire LIFE, as you know it, is a LIE, based on your finite & limited point of view.
    How many times in your life were you “the last to know”?
  • Conclusion #3: Eric didn’t write this to clarify anything… he just wanted to fuck you up for the rest of your life with this little tidbit of knowledge.

Everything you know, is because someone told you it is so…
Think about it.
Pleasant dreams! :0)

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18 thoughts on “You can’t HANDLE the TRUTH!!!

  1. Everything you know, is because someone told you it is so…

    Or because you went out and attempted to experience it yourself, only to realize later that your experiences are still limited by your perceptions and filtered, strained and recombined by your mind, which may or may not be of sufficient subtlety and sophistication to handle the experience and create a proper contextual framework in order for you to be able to come close to grasping any sort of objectivity. Asking a human being to be objective, in fact, is like asking a chimpanzee to be all chimpanzees simultaneously.

    Although I did find your use of that link, with self–deception hovering there right beneath it waiting to be mentioned, somewhat interesting. A hyperlink that actually provided some hypercontext.

  2. Also, in your example Unless you replace the words with:
    "If some fish are mammals, and all dogs are mammals…
    Then some fish are dogs?"
    it would be better to use "If some fish are air breathers and all dogs are air breathers…then some fish are dogs." since no fish are mammals. A very few, however, can breathe air.

  3. Eric. Let it go. Move on. Don’t pay heed to the naysayers, because the naysayers have no clue. So just stop. You have nothing to prove and no one to prove it to.

    Don’t make me come down there and kick your ass into next week.

  4. "no fish are mammals"
    Dolphins and whales are mammals

    "Eric. Let it go. Move on."
    "so i must ask, what’s REALLY going on?"

    For once, surprisingly little to do with me… it was my answer to last weeks meme: Are people & what they say real on the internet…

    We wear masks in real life, we wear "digital personas" on the internet. Just like in real life, only time will tell whether someone is your friend because they genuinely care or if you have something they want.

    No funk or personal issues here… I’m fine folks. Honest!

  5. You’re right, dolphins and whales are mammals – therefore they are not fish! I get what you mean though 😀 Very interesting piece.

  6. you realize that this is just way too much logic for my poor brain to absorbe first thing in the morning? That said, however, I do have to agree with some of what you said, especially the end part about how you only know it is because someone told you so.

    Example… you have a kid. Before they go to school you are their sole source of education… therefore, if you tell them that oranges are apples and apples are strawberries… that’s their knowledge base and they’ll go to school and argue with the teacher about it 😉

    And now I’m rambling LOL… see, too early in the morning for this.

  7. Uhm… hello? excuse me?
    It’s me over here.

    I’m trying to employ mind–control here, and you people hare haggling over little details?
    Whales & Dolphins are fishies… move on!!!

    Now everyone repeat after me…"YEESSSSS MUSTARRD…"

  8. Matt says: "no fish are mammals"
    Eric reply: "Dolphins and whales are mammals."
    I say: When Dolphins and whales are mammals they are not fish ;o]

    Anyway, don’t link more to that fucking entry of mine, it has so far ruined my weblife – or something.

  9. And hey, why do I repeat what others has pointed out already. Maybe it’s time to get some glasses. After all I’m 30. I’m getting old. I need a shrink. Dr. LoKi??

  10. I think the real lesson is to avoid all web memes like the plague they are. They are the corruptors of productivity, originality, and self–respect. The vile viral venom poisoning otherwise interesting websites and reducing them into uniform parrots of piss poor personality tests and insipid lists.

    Yeah well, put that in your hyperbole and smoke it.

  11. "Anyway, don’t link more to that fucking entry of mine, it has so far ruined my weblife – or something. "

    Dude it was a legitimate post…
    For all we know, you may have had a fucked up childhood, and people saying "I Love You" may make you a little leery…

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m catching a lot of heat defending it…

    … at least your head ain’t sticking on top of a peep. :0)
    (Not that these two VERY TRAUMATIC events are related in any way…)

    Revenge i tell you… REVENGE!!! 😉

  13. Well, my entry was not a part of any meme so it’s no lesson in it for me. I think I’m creative enough and interesting enough, thank you very much everyone ;o]

    I’ve never said it makes me feel leery if someone say they love me. I was just questioning the use of the word love about tea and ebay and about people one don’t know at all. For some screwed reason I thought the people I mail with knew me in a way.

    "If it makes you feel any better, I’m catching a lot of heat defending it…"
    I don’t know what to say to that. You’re dealing with ––– it seems.

    Thanks, may I avoid the L–word and say I have much feelings for you ;o]

  14. Aaaah no biggie… it’s these damn women. I think it’s that time of the month for all the women on the web…. AT ONCE!

  15. [sigh]

    no really. some good points, yet, what you mean by all this is something entirely beyond the mere intellectualization of the issues.

    so i must ask, what’s REALLY going on?

  16. it was my answer to last weeks meme: Are people & what they say real on the internet…

    ahh, i see. i disagree with the not–real contingent. quite strongly.

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