A friendly tip about Movable Type

(Well, besides “Dump it and go with WordPress”. You already know that.)

Basically watch out for dashes when you import/export posts. The text file you import is separated by 5-8 dashes in its features, so if you have some yutz who writes:

“Here are my thoughts:
blah, blah, blah blah”

It is going to screw you up if you ever import that post back INTO MT at a later date.

Elsewhere on my site, I am recreating my entire Whuzzup archives (going all the way back to 1998), and I am triple-checking all my “import.txt” files. What a bitch.

Then I’m switching to WordPress. I was successful with SoApBoX, and I really like HAVING my stuff on a MySQL database. (I hate CGI).

More news coming up for comic book fans next…. STAY TUNED!

9 thoughts on “A friendly tip about Movable Type

  1. MT is still good… but I’m just dissapointed in the ridiculous prices they put up for 3.0. I have to set up a ton of work related blogs and management saw the licensing fees and had a heart attack!

    WordPress has a lot of features I need (pre-approval of comments, I can re-write some of the scripts to be more flexible, and since it’s MySQL-based, my entries can keep the same URL’s if I ever have to take them down and put them back up again at a later date.)

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