A word from the Adorable Brooks Kidz….

Me & SammiHi it’s me, Erika. I’m going to start second grade in a few weeks, and I’m SO exited!

re-inactmnt... this is not a real pikcherDaddy won’t be able to do anything here, since he’s in the hospital. So I figured me and Ashley can fill in for daddy. I also finished his updates for Gresser Realty. (He does that junk the hard way… ain’t he never heard of PHP3 or XML????) Don’t forget to visit our site: The Adorable Brooks Kidz, and sign our guestbook… we’d love to hear from you!

Mommy wont tell us what happened.
All she tells us is “’cause your daddy’s A PIG, that’s why!!!

AshleyWell, DUUUUH, Rikki! We know Daddy’s a pig! Remember when we went to see “Rocky & Bullwinkle” and Dad went to get the popcorn? Mommy came out, and he was talking to the popcorn girl for 20 minutes… AND STILL DIDEN’T GET US NO POPCORN!?!?!

But Daddy’s fun too. When Mommy works late he lets us have cereal for dinner, and we don’t have to do our homework, cuz he says mommy will do it for us in the morning… she wont mind. They’re always fighting… they should go back on Ricki Lake like they did in 1994 (You don’t remember that do you, Erika? The producer kept calling you “lil’ Ricki” in the Green Room.)

Weekend Erika and Ashley’s Surfing Picks….

  • Point of Focus– Susan is really nice! She has lots of great stuff to make your web page look nice, and she supports Save-A-Dog. We like her! And we hope those rotten people stealing her stuff will go to jail or something…
  • Britney Spears Official Website – Ashley would KILL me if I didnt add this. They’re having a bit of trouble with their shockwave opening, but it’s a great site…and Britney actually writes to her!!!!
  • Blues Clues Weekly Game – It’s a lot of fun! Johnny loves it and him and Sammi learn stuff!!!
  • Yahoo! Clubs – Arthur – Arthur is my favorite character. You can talk about him here. The club founder even knows Marc Brown (the author).
  • Mama Stories – Lacey’s Weblog has some funny stories in it about her kids!


– Ashley & Erika –

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