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I’ll be adding this to my Pocono web design section today. Truth be told, I’m kinda proud of my contributions to it. There’s still more tweaks to do and 70 more arcade games to add… but it’s got the EricBrooks.Com Seal of Approval. πŸ˜€

Bill Watson’s the man!

It’s not on the online version of the Pocono Record, but today’s paper reveals Kim DeBourbon is resigning as editor.

I wish her well. She was a wonderful person and we saw eye-to-eye on a lot of things that I felt the online version of the paper should have been doing. It was a pleasure to work with her. What confuses me is the article mentioning “Bill Watson and others will be covering until there’s a replacement”.

Are you kidding me? BILL WATSON’S THE MAN! He should be the new editor. He’s sharp. He’s witty. If something was going down in the Poconos, you can bet Bill Watson knew about it. He also has his finger on the pulse of what the people want to read about. Continue reading “Bill Watson’s the man!”


And your little dog too!!!!WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

My very first tornado is blowing through town as I write this. πŸ˜€

I keep sneaking out of the building to watch the lightning and the torrential rain…. this is SO FRIGGIN COOL!!!! In fact I have to drive home in it now.

So, I won’t be back online until Monday, so if anything should happen to me, I want you to know one thing:

I never liked you.

OK seriously, the worst is over I should be able to make it home ok without flooding or a tree coming down on me, or the E-Mobileβ„’ being hurtled in the air with Dorothy’s house and a few cows…

But no, really… I never liked you.

America… FUCK YEAH! (or Diebold with a Vengeance)

Oh yeah… much joy in Pennsyltucky today. πŸ˜€

Say Goodbye to Senator Rick (“I’m a closet case that thinks gay marriage will lead to bestiality and NAMBLA”) Santorum (R)…. one of President Bush’s strongest allies….


Continue reading “America… FUCK YEAH! (or Diebold with a Vengeance)”

Oh nice try, O’Reilly!

As caught by several sources….

O'Reilly tries to alter the facts and turns a republican pedophile into a democrat?
Fair and Balanced… my ass.

Nice try O’Reilly, but we all know this child predator scumbag is a Republican, not a Democrat.

AP has done the same thing. Hard to believe it’s an accident. More like trying to divert the short attention spans of the same dumb people that vote straight down the Republican side instead of voting for the best person for the job.

DUH! πŸ˜›

Remember people, Republicans like Mark Foley love the little children..


An old ad by Republican Mark Foley

The only hopes of the GOP halting their death spiral in the polls is to feed him to the wolves and make the case that gay people are dangerous.

Not so.

Many studies have proven that predators and pedophiles are OVERWHELMINGLY heterosexual. Not homosexual. But why would Mark Foley feel so comfortable as a Republican given their anti-gay stance?

Well, this page has a long list of Republican pedophiles, predators and people willing to cover it up.
(Including my old buddy Mark Pazuhanich, wow, doesn’t that make you proud!)

Gee, maybe GOP stands for “Grand Ol’ Pedophiles“?

And you wonder why more people trust the Democrats these days?

Had enough, America?


P.S. The Rude Pundit takes on Drudge’s silly claims that the Foley IM’s were just a prank. HAW! HAW!!!!

That’s our -=e=-!!!!


Your Deadly Sins
Lust: 100%
Pride: 80%
Wrath: 40%
Envy: 20%
Greed: 20%
Sloth: 20%
Gluttony: 0%
Chance You’ll Go to Hell: 40%
You’ll die while in the throws of passion – the best way to go.

Here we are in another day of a 100+ degree heat wave in the Poconos, and I’m ready to tackle the day all dressed in black (like, what else is new?). Looks to me like I should get accustomed to warm temperatures, huh? πŸ˜‰

That’s our -=e=-! πŸ˜€

Another Pocono Production!

Pocono Production (POH – ko -no Pruh-DUH!!! – k’shen – Noun)

  1. Something of inferior quality
  2. Half-assed
  3. Sucks fucking moose dong

JEBUS EFFING CHRIST! What was the theme at the fireworks show, “How the soldiers in Iraq must feel”????

Not naming names, but we were at a resort for the fireworks show and the imbeciles were firing the damn things right over our heads!!! We’re getting hit with hot shells, and running for our lives as these glowing fiery things were dropping out of the sky.

Then the idiot in charge of the fireworks (let’s just call him “Gomer”) has the AUDACITY to come out and ask us (those not rushed to the hospital for 3rd degree burns) “How did you like the show?”.

Well gee, Gomer… perhaps it would be better if our NICE JEWISH INJURY LAWYER gave you an honest review.


Well at any rate….

Happy Birthday America!
(Except for the Poconos…. you SUCK!!!)

Is it time to build an Ark yet?

I’m home because there’s no power in East Stroudsburg. It’s been raining uncontrollably on and off for days and they’re closing the roads soon as we’re expecting massive flooding and more power outages.

And damn I’m up in the MOUNTAINS. What’s going on with you guys? (Of course I had to find a way to state “I’m above you”. I’m a prick that way.). What’s going on? It’s like all the CO2 emissions in the air is causing unpredictable weather and mother nature is getting ready to blow all humanity out of her nose like an infectious SNOT! Why isn’t anyone warning us? Why don’t they make a movie or something????

No, I’m not going to see the movie (though I hear it has rave reviews). Documentaries bore the shit out of me and I learned all about Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect in school.

But I do have to laugh at the very same people who:

  • Believe life began in the Garden of Eden
  • Found a quack doctor to state that Terri Schaivo had a “chance at recovery”
  • Believe 9/11 was because God is pissed at gays and pagans…

… are calling *THIS* a “MYTH”!!! Despite seeing a killer tsunami and several deadly hurricanes the last few years.

HAW!!! HAWW!!! My irony meter is broken here….
Think God is going to swoop down and save mankind from its own stupidity again?
I wouldn’t.

We are so fucked. πŸ˜€

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