Oh nice try, O’Reilly!

As caught by several sources….

O'Reilly tries to alter the facts and turns a republican pedophile into a democrat?
Fair and Balanced… my ass.

Nice try O’Reilly, but we all know this child predator scumbag is a Republican, not a Democrat.

AP has done the same thing. Hard to believe it’s an accident. More like trying to divert the short attention spans of the same dumb people that vote straight down the Republican side instead of voting for the best person for the job.

DUH! 😛

Remember people, Republicans like Mark Foley love the little children..


An old ad by Republican Mark Foley

The only hopes of the GOP halting their death spiral in the polls is to feed him to the wolves and make the case that gay people are dangerous.

Not so.

Many studies have proven that predators and pedophiles are OVERWHELMINGLY heterosexual. Not homosexual. But why would Mark Foley feel so comfortable as a Republican given their anti-gay stance?

Well, this page has a long list of Republican pedophiles, predators and people willing to cover it up.
(Including my old buddy Mark Pazuhanich, wow, doesn’t that make you proud!)

Gee, maybe GOP stands for “Grand Ol’ Pedophiles“?

And you wonder why more people trust the Democrats these days?

Had enough, America?


P.S. The Rude Pundit takes on Drudge’s silly claims that the Foley IM’s were just a prank. HAW! HAW!!!!

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