Drinking the Kool-Aid™

For those that don’t quite get the reference (but are afraid to ask), it’s basically the new catch phrase being tossed around on all sides of the political spectrum.

It’s in reference to the 1978 mass suicides in Jonestown, Guyana by the cult of Reverend Jim Jones. They believed his every word, they slaughtered a Congressman and his entourage, and they drank cyanide-laced kool-aid… because Rev. Jim said so.

Whatta RUSH™ flavored... mmmm!To make this new phrase easier for Americans to understand, Kool-Aid has a new line of flavors

So when you’re a lefty buying in to all of the silly 9/11 conspiracy theories because no one in the White House is talking… you’re “drinking the Kool-Aid

If you’re a winger following this administration without question because at least no one is getting nookie in the Oval Office and lying under oath about it… you’re “drinking the Kool-Aid

(via Blunted on Reality)
Me? I drink Coca Cola exclusively.
How about you?

8 thoughts on “Drinking the Kool-Aid™

  1. Personally, I think both sides need to just shut the hell up, it’s driving me crazy!

    As for me, I think Coke is the only way to go!

  2. Yeah… I’m so sick of it all. I want to see the web come back together and stop being polarized by stupid shit we have no control over. I’m more interested in issues and what’s going on in my back yard at this point.

  3. Hey, do I get credit for making extended Jonestown references in The Straight Dope: Today the Net, Tomorrow the Jungles of Guyana? I don’t think I started this meme, but I’m more than willing to take credit.

  4. All those favours suck…especially that crappy Bush berry!

    I’ll stick to Appleton VX and Pepsi. (Coke can be subsitiuted if no Pepsi.)

  5. I don’t think I started this meme, but I’m more than willing to take credit.

    Sure, why not?
    Heh heh… I’m actually re-reading the straight Dope saga where one guy starts the Pat Robertson ranting and leaves you with the check, and the ignorance that follows… COMEDY GOLD!

  6. It does start to get to you after awhile doesn’t it? You start to feel so down. So hopeless about it all.
    O, and I like pre-sweetened tea, like they make in the south, but I’m more than willing to try Boston’s koolaide. ;o)

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