[#Marketing #Strategy] Geometric Cocktail Mixer Labeling

From TrendHunter.com – Marketing StrategyGeometric Cocktail Mixer Labeling – Shrub & Co. Offers a Collection of Refreshing Syrups for Drinks (TrendHunter.com):

Geometric Cocktail Mixer Labeling - Shrub & Co. Offers a Collection of Refreshing Syrups for Drinks (TrendHunter.com)
(TrendHunter.com) Shrub & Co. enlisted the creative agency Norvik Design to create the brand identity for its collection of cocktail and sparkler syrups. The syrups come in flavors that are relatively standard for cocktail mixers, but are nonetheless refreshing and dynamic. The labels created by Norvik Design feature a variety of geometric shapes in different shades of the same color, as well as illustrations of the flavor that the bottles contain. The bottles themselves are a dark amber in color, and come in flavors like Spicy Ginger, Organic Blood Orange, Organic Strawberry, Organic Yucatan Honey, Organic Red Grapefruit and Organic Apple.

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