Murphy’s Law Monday

Holee %$@#!

You ever have a day where, like, EVERYTHING is going wrong? One of those black-cat-follows-you-under-a-ladder-with a broken-mirror kind of day?

My day starts at 3AM (because I haven’t slept since, well, March.) with me accidentally spamming the shit out of friends and loved ones (and my landlords and in-laws too) while testing this new mailing list script I whipped up.

So what EXACTLY do you do after something like that…
…write out a mass email apologizing for the mass emails?

Then I get to work and my computers are crashing for one reason or another…

This Wednesday was supposed to be the Pennsylvania Music awards at the Mt. Laurel Arts Center but that all fell apart, didn’t it?

I’ve been HAVING this recurring nightmare (while I’m awake, because I haven’t slept since March, remember?) that only two people showed up for the awards…

Me and William Hung.

Since he was the only one who showed up, he won everything and I had to deal with him singing for two straight hours.

I don’t even WANT that dream analyzed.

Anyone else HAVING a shitty day?

EricBrooks.Com® – A little known fact is that Murphy’s Law wasn’t actually written by Murphy, but by some other guy with the same last name.

5 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law Monday

  1. Um, honey – I hate to add to your nightmares that have sort of become reality, but I just got an e-mail FROM your Pocono mail account that had the ol’ Beagle thingy virus in it.

    And you’ve got to lay off the reality TV!

  2. errgh…I hear ya…Don’t let me get started on my Mondays at work…although, this Monday, on top of all the office politics crap, I kept spilling stuff on me all day. Started with my english muffin falling on me (butter side DOWN of course) and then every single drink I had all day got spilled at some point (including on my keyboard at work, at least *that* still works!)…so, I feel your pain honey…I really do…

  3. So, all that bumboclaat spam was you eh? Never mind, I received the e-mail apology.. (maybe you did manage to get some sleep).

    We all have crap days FROM time to time, hopefully they don’t come too frequently and disappear as quickly as shyte does when the crapper is flushed.

    Next time insomnia rules, a little VX and some Vit S helps man, try it, it hasn’t failed dis rude bwoy yet! (And you don’t have to wait ’till you need to sleep to try it either.) ;-))

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