Putting the 'FUN' is dysFUNctional

You know, since I’ve given up being a workaholic, I’ve discovered television.
(Why didn’t you people tell me it was in color now?)

Tell me, how can you NOT love little Stewie Griffin FROM “Family Guy“?
He’s EXACTLY what I imagined Dr. Doom was like as a toddler.

A great episode was where he was taken away by CP$ and in a foster home.
Foster child: “Come on Stewie, you can help us make our rainbow”
Stewie: “I have a better idea, why don’t we all play let’s drink what’s under the sink instead?”

The best by far was the one where Peter’s dad retires and comes to live with them. A stereotypical Irish Catholic who turns Stewie on to God with horror stories FROM the Old Testament.

Stewie: “I love this God fellow… he’s so deliciously evil!!!”

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