Rejected Bloggie Categories

From the home office in Sioux City Iowa…
“Rejected Bloggie Categories” – For some reason, Nicolai Nolan just didn’t feel like adding them, despite my spams, e-mail bombs, and threats of “something really, REALLY bad” happening to his cat:
And they are…

  • Best Blog by a washed-up child actor
  • Best blog by a space cadet aboard the Starship Enterprise
  • Best meme by a guy too cheap to take his wife out to dinner
  • Most comments for eating a sandwich
  • Best blog by a child actor who DIDN’T do time with Todd Bridges
  • Most comments for taking a dump with corns in it
  • Best blog by a guy whose initials are “WW”
  • Best blog by a guy who stared at Beverly Crusher’s hooters a little TOO much for a “tv son”…
  • Best blog by someone who thanks God every day Rick Berman or William “fucking” Shatner didn’t read him before being cast in “Nemesis”
  • And the Number ONE rejected blog category….

  • 2002 WINNER: Most Likely To Be Seen On COPSBest blog by a guy who doesn’t know that 99% of his footage was cut FROM Nemesis because -e- has Rick Berman’s and William “fucking” Shatner’s email addys PLUS all the links to where Wil Wheaton was talking smack about them.

heh heh…

10 thoughts on “Rejected Bloggie Categories

  1. LMAO!!! I love you, you know that right?? You are too perfect!! I would never even attempt the posts you pull off with such grace!! ;o)

  2. My, my my – are we feeling bitter? *g*

    So just who would you nominate for all of these categories, hmm? I’m drawing a blank… 🙂

  3. Hee hee… actually no. It’s just some good-natured ribbing. From what I see, Wil Wheaton is fairly good natured, can take a joke, and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

    I’m just a “sign of the times”. Everyone’s ragging on the guy for the crime of being popular, so I’m having fun at everyone’s expense.

    Some people don’t want him to “sweep the Bloggies” again… yet they’re all going to talk about him, and keep him fresh on everyone’s minds???

    I don’t know about anyone else… but it makes no damn sense to me.

    People can be spending all this energy pushing for a “lesser known” blogger that deserves a pat on their back right about now.

    It just goes to show you though…
    What if I did this with some other blogger. Oh, you know…. “A regular person?”

    I am happy to see, by some of the responses out there, that the web community is finally growing up. :0)

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