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Cafe Menu in HTML & CSS

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Jul 06, 2024

freeCodeCamp.org Prepare for the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate (SOA-C02) certification and pass! Certify your knowledge and skills in AWS technology, across a wide range of AWS services.

?? Course developed by Andrew Brown of ExamPro. @ExamProChannel

???? Additional Exam Prep: https://www.exampro.co/soa-c02

?? Contents ??
00:00:00 Course Introduction
00:19:19 Exam Guide Breakdown
00:37:10 Amazon CloudWatch
07:31:41 AWS CloudTrail
08:40:01 Cloud Networking
10:00:49 Service Catalog
10:08:18 Amazon Route 53
11:37:36 Amazon EC2
13:36:59 Amazon Machine Images
14:06:47 EC2 Image Builder
15:33:19 AWS Systems Manager
16:07:38 SSM Parameter Store
16:13:00 AWS Secrets Manager
16:54:44 ELB
17:58:49 ASG
18:52:39 EBS
19:58:14 Storage Gateway
20:18:36 Amazon ElastiCache
21:03:15 Identity and Access Management
22:19:57 S3
40:27:15 Amazon S3 Glacier
41:51:34 AWS Snow Family
42:03:31 RDS
43:14:48 Amazon DynamoDB
43:45:03 AWS CloudFormation
46:29:01 Elastic Beanstalk Follow Along
47:47:09 AWS Config
47:57:33 AWS API
53:14:08 Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
61:52:02 CloudFront
62:26:32 SQS
63:27:30 SNS
64:08:23 EFS
64:33:18 FSx
64:44:29 Amazon Detective
64:52:37 AWS Batch
65:20:25 AWS Firewall Manager
65:26:37 AWS Transfer Family
66:44:09 OpenSearch Service
67:07:15 Security Hub
67:11:53 AWS Certificate Manager
67:30:27 AWS DataSync
67:39:08 AWS Directory Service
67:41:40 AWS Backup
67:57:48 AWS Global Accelerator
68:13:39 AWS Compute Optimizer

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