Who the heck is Denny Keast?

So I’m looking at the Idiotic E-Mail of the week
(just use the link. The message is really long)

Snopes has it as “Undetermined,” because it’s obviously next-to-impossible to verify a second hand account that also uses anonymous sources. About.Com is trying to verify it as well.

I did a Google search on “Denny Keast,” and, outside of this E-Mail hitting the Right-Wing circuit like wildfire (word-for-word), this guy doesn’t seem to exist!

So let’s look at it with common sense.

  • What is the writer trying to tell us?
  • Also, do you get the impression he REALLY likes one political party over another? πŸ˜€

Barely anything about Nixon, Ford, Carter or Reagan… was this guy on vacation for 20 years? They rely on certain historical facts on JFK and LBJ to get you to trust them on what Hillary, Bill and Gore were like to these people flying them around.

LBJ was a good ol’ boy, womanizer and all-around jerk? REALLY?
JFK had affairs? WOW!

But some of this, you need to swallow with a shot of Jack Daniels to get it down:

“Often the Secret Service would cringe at the verbal attacks Hillary would use against her husband. They were embarrassed for his sake by the manner and frequency in which she verbally insulted him, sometimes in the presence of the Secret Service, and sometimes behind closed doors. Even behind closed doors Hillary Clinton would scream and holler so loudly that everyone could hear what she was saying.”

16 years of almost non-stop Clinton bashing in the beltway with almost every personal aspect of their lives in the news and tell-all books… and this is the first I’m hearing this.

I have no doubt both President Bushes were courteous to all the staff taking care of them and guarding them. But I find it hard to believe they were the ONLY ones like that. Hell, common sense dictates that anyone whose job is to keep you alive… you BETTER be good to them. LOL!

Now the part about Dubya cooking and serving them at BBQ’s? I think they’re kind of stretching it. Outside of this E-Mail I’ve never heard of him doing this as well.

If you ask me, I think this email is total bullshit with it’s only objective is to slam Hillary and Gore (and what a coincidence it came out as she announced her candidacy, huh?). It has all the earmarks of a Right-Wing hit piece with as much credibility as the “Starbucks hates the Troops” and “Pepsi hates God” hoaxes (and you’d be amazed how many stupid people fall for this stuff).

And if I’m wrong, look at it this way:
When a tough decision needs to be made, or a bad guy needs to be faced down, who do you want doing it?

  • A Cross-dresser?
  • A Mormon?
  • A Conspiracy nut?
  • Or A Stone-cold bitch that doesn’t care what her enemies think? πŸ˜€
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