Why is Kerry losing? (Part One)

I’ll be 100% honest with you, I’m not thrilled with John Kerry. I thought General Clark or Howard Dean were much better choices. These were guys that didn’t take shit, and if Joe Lieberman (D- Sellout) had spent as much energy bringing down Bush as he did Clark and Dean in the primaries… this election would practically be over. The fact that Kerry is “Not Bush” works for me to get out and vote, but that’s not going to work for everyone.

“They said Howard Dean was a loose cannon, but compared to John Kerry, at least Dean has a cannon.” –Bill Maher, talking to Dean last Friday, on Maher’s HBO show

Bush scores big points FROM me for one thing in this campaign: SIMPLICITY. It’s what you need to reach the people. Not one thing he’s saying is true, but it sure sticks in your head!

Remember Al Gore? Me neither. All I knew was he claimed to have “created the internet” and had “Look for the Union Label” sung to him in his crib 30 years before the song was written.

Boom! Bye bye, Gorebot. Credibility shot to hell.

See how easy that was?
Perception and easy-to-remember “facts”.

Here’s another – Michael Dukkakis: Idiot in a tank, and lets Willie Horton out on furlough to rape White Republican women.

So how is it that someone who could just get up and proclaim “I’m not Bush” and get a double-digit lead, has it being other way around?

Why Is Kerry Behind? Bush Bunch Bloodying His Aquiline Nose – This should be a must-read for the Kerry campaign.

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