Last night at Tamiment

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The Reception hall

Last night the Tribe called Brooks attended a rather fancy soiree here in the community. It was a little over the top for a “Sweet 16” party for my taste… but it was very nice, elegant, and well worth the million-billion dollars it cost to pull it off.

But that’s not what this post is about.

I suppose in the over-saturated blog market we have now, in order to retain any sort of following, you have to be willing to make a fool of yourself, make outlandish remarks, and have idiotic friends willing to back you up no matter how much of an asshole you are.

Johnny "B"
The Tribe called Brooks

I’m glad I’m not a blogger anymore. I’d rather pride myself on intelligent discussion here with intelligent people. We may have differing opinions from time to time… but at least we discuss it civilly and all walk away a little smarter. I don’t need validation and a squad of cheerleaders to feel good about myself.

I’m still livid over Misha’s tasteless remark about “seeing my son in the morgue” (in case you missed it). It’s nothing more than a parting cheap shot by a creep who was losing an argument. I realize he’s regarded as somewhat of an assclown and a drama queen by most of the web… and no one takes him seriously… and I know it shouldn’t bother me… but I still can’t believe someone would say something so cruel.

But I won’t hold my breath for an apology, or for any of his friends to have the balls to say he was wrong, though.

Nonetheless, he is officially the first person ever to be banned here. This still my club, I’m still the bouncer here, and this club doesn’t allow animals like Emperor Misha in it. If he really is a parent, like he claims… I feel sorry for his kid.

Back to the soiree…

I’m proud of the fact that my children can be dressed up and conduct themselves in a high-society social event like this. I think it drives home the point I was trying to make in the original thread… the one where I received a large volume of emails of good parents appalled by these ignorant morons.

You see, they’re not a product of rigid discipline and punishment, they’re a result of love, nurturing and good parental skills that requires that parents keep their eyes wide open.

Who me???Actually ALL of the kids there were great. Unlike the picture that some clueless morons portray of an “out of control generation in need of a beating”.

Last night, they were probably better behaved than their parents… where the moms got ripped on booze, and the dads hung out over the rail hoping to catch a hot looking woman or two lose their tops to the beat of the hard-driving Meringue music down on the dance floor.

I’m not naming names, of course. :0)

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6 thoughts on “Last night at Tamiment

  1. How nice to see an updated photo of those adorable Brooks um…uh…young adults? 😉 You’re a blessed man, Eric, as you well know.

  2. Awwww, thanks!
    I can hardly believe it myself…
    I was originally going to title this “The Adorable BrooksKidz revisited”, but we can’t call them that anymore since two of them are teens now. :0)


    Guys (and some gals)… TO DR. D’S SITE….NOW!!!!

  4. =e= I hope you did not need to be admitted to ICU after viewing…..anyway, if that even happened let’s say it wqs worth it eh! 😉

  5. Precious little boy. What a cherubic face. And that family portrait is absolutely stunning. You are a very blessed man. No wonder you write so well with all those reasons for inspiration.

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