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C&Y critic Bayer takes his campaign to voters
(This post is also running at the American Family Rights Association forum)

Bruce Bayer, “A vocal critic of a county child protection agency, is mounting a write-in campaign for Monroe County commissioner. ”

Basically the readers digest version of the story was that Bayer thought C&Y (Pennsylvania’s CPS) would help, instead they took his stepsons away.

“We will be working now to tell other parents in Monroe County about Children and Youth and to warn them never to look to Children and Youth for help.”, says Mrs. Bayer.

While there was no abuse found, there was still a delay in returning the children. The outrage from the public, as the newspaper ran the stories on this case, helped speed up the process, forced several foster parents to return the kids back to the agency because “they couldn’t take the public outcry”, and the county commissioner (who is assigned to oversee C&Y) has offered no comment on the situation.

Now Mr. Bayer is after her job in the hopes to make a difference.

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It’s days like these that I just love my job. :0)

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7 thoughts on “Fight the power!

  1. There ya go! The proof’s in the pudding, grass roots efforts DO work, eventually. I wish him the best of luck. If only there were more people who had balls like his, to stand up to this perversive, oppressive, pervasive shit.

  2. I hope Bruce Bayer wipes the floor with Donna Azure (current commissioner), with the way she passed the buck on his case.

    Just got off the phone with him, a really nice fella!

  3. There must be something really messed up about this PA C&Y… because why do I see so many people who are clearly DRUNK out in PUBLIC yellin’ for their kids for playing in traffic… parents who are fairly obviously on drugs – and nobody takes their children away… yet there’s these other people where they can’t find evidence of abuse after an intense investigation who have their kids scooped off… I mean, the people I have seen, you wouldn’t even need an investigation to notice there’s something seriously wrong, yet nothing is ever done. How does this make sense?

  4. Why They Do It
    Adoption Bonuses: The Money Behind the Madness

    Because cute, well behaved kids make much better adoption material. Sure, they also take the crack babies and kids from dysfunctional families, they stay in the system… but adoption is where the money’s at.

    It’s not just PA. It’s all over the country

  5. If I had the mental energy and techinical (and financial means) I’d make CPS Watch – The Weblog to document all of this and keep it in the light much longer than it stays in the light at the various news sites. Hmmm ideas, idea………

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