Murdering cranky neighbors now legal in Galveston

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Durst not guilty in neighbor’s murder

I knew something was up when the jurors were taking too long to deliberate.

Sure he admitted to killing Morris Black, and chopping up his body in a blind panic…

Obviously this was a case of a very cocky prosecutor’s office, who was sure they were getting him on 1st degree murder and didn’t bother charging him with anything else.

Johnny Cochran, Robert Shapiro and O.J. Simpson were unavailable for comment at the time of this post.

However, with the strange dissappearance of his wife in 1982, and being a suspect of two murders in California… I somehow don’t think we’ll be hearing the last of Robert Durst.

God, I hope he doesn’t move to the Poconos.
I sleep with one eye open as it is.

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6 thoughts on “Murdering cranky neighbors now legal in Galveston

  1. Lol, =e=! I have just been going back through your, uh, non-blog website, and cracking up. I forgot how maniacal you are when manipulating the English language; truly you are the victim of an underrated oversight by the literary world. I missed your peculiar penchant for levity so much.
    So let me get this straight: in Texas, if you are a woman, you can get in your 4WD SUV with GPS and DVD and “accidently” run over your cheatin’ spouse. SEVERAL times. Back and forth. In front of witnesses.
    And get off.
    And if you are a man, you can murder your neighbor, cut up his body into several parts and pieces, and float them down the river, like Moses in the basket in the reeds of the Nile…
    And so … deeply wounded by the reputation as a “hangin’ state” with the most capital executions under their Bowie knife-holding, finely-tooled leather belts, the noose (pendulum) swings back to the bleedin’ heart quadrant. But just until the favorite Son finishes campaigning for a second term, right?

  2. Have you never heard the joke that “he just needed killin'” is a viable defense in Texas? Well, it’s not a joke.

    Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what makes living here so damn fun and interesting.

  3. But… but….
    You just can’t go around killing people ??!!?
    It just seem so…. darned RUDE!!!!

    There ought to be a law against it, or something!

    Well, ok… maybe we can overlook the cheating spouse one. :0)

  4. That’s the beauty, -e-, in Texas, you CAN just go around killing people.

    And Kate, we’d never use and authentic Bowie knife. They’re much too valuable (according to my discovery channel education)!

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