Flu Shots are for p*ssies!

UPDATE: Eric is very very sick and cannot post so we launched “Celebrity Guest Blogger Weekend”. Ladies and gentlemen… Mr. George Carlin!

Hey there…

While Eric’s blowing globs of snot all over his co-workers, he asked me to fill in until he gets better. So I’ll take a crack at blogging that you kids are all crazy about.

I wanna talk about something here, something real important.

No it’s not about Ashcroft taking our civil rights and flushing them down the crapper; Or that moron we have in the White House trying to start the Cold War back up.

This is far more important… FLU SHOTS.

Yeah, yeah… “come on everybody, get your flu shots! Wooohoo Laaaa–dee–daa.”


They inject influenza into you!!! They add a few other additives an preservatives in it to help you develop an immunity to the flu…


Some Moron: “We’ll yeah. Sure I’m in my bed writhing in agony for a few days, praying for the reaper to put me out of my misery… but hey, I won’t get the flu all winter long now!!! Yuk! Yuk!”

Me: “What if you weren’t going to get the flu this winter to begin with?”

Some Moron: “Uhhhh…. I didn’t think of that.”

Can someone… ANYONE please explain this concept to me? Me? I’ll just buy a heavy coat and a hat this winter. Thank you very much.

Can’t wait ’till they get these rocket scientists to try the “Ebola Shot”.

(Disclaimer: No, genius. This was NOT really posted by George Carlin like duh… okay?)

8 thoughts on “Flu Shots are for p*ssies!

  1. uh oh – you are delusional, you’re commenting on yourself!

    i just blogged about you and felt that i should come and tell you because i know you enjoy it so! 🙂

  2. Ummm….now I feel very safe indeed. I have a moderately sore left arm from getting the shot on Wednesday.

    In fairness, it’s an "attenuated" form of the virus, meaning theoretically too weak to give you the real thing. However, the logic has always bugged me.

    Read Gina Kolata’s book "Flu" if you really wanna get scared about the disease.

  3. In light of the "tape" I cannot see why you continue to mock our leaders for pursuing what is now a very clearly justified goal. Yeah, Ashcroft is insane, but Osama needs the life bombed out of him and we have W to thank for getting us close to that goal..

  4. Theothercheek never gets flu shots. She hates flu shots. But, she highly recommends that others get them………..They make me so sick it’s not worth it. And, Linkman is right–––––––the bug in the shot is "attenuated" or reduced in virulence, severity, or vitality . The swine flu shot did have some disasterous results in the 80’s (people were paralyzed) but this one, so far, is proving safe for human injection to this date.

  5. I’m sorry, F… but Dubya making drastic changes to our country (like doing away with our missle treaty with Russia) makes me VERY nervous…

    Osama doesn’t need to be bombed… he needs to be dragged out, broadcast all over Al–Jazeera how he whined & begged for his life… and then bombed. Or else we’re going to deal with a thousand more little Osamas years from now.

  6. Sheesh, I have to explain everything medical around here. They *give* you the flu because they can’t afford to buy presents for *everyone.* This is a gift, goddam it! And *you* pay for it! Not getting anything else for Christmas? Here, have this flu. Merry Christmas! It’s a goddam charitable event and you’re trashing it! Take it all back, Loki cheeseball.

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