Just another failed 70’s child tv star

I was a child star of the 70's

Definitely NOT something I want to admit, but yes it’s true…I’m flooded with e-mails all the time from people that say “where do I know you from??? You look familiar…”.

Well for reasons that completely elude me to this day, I remember when my mom took me to see “The Champ”, back in the early 70’s. All because that kid made everyone cry with “Champ, wake up…” (Why the hell didn’t he call him “Dad”, anyway???!!??) my mother broke down and confessed to me that I could have been the next Ricky Schroder…(?). Well it turned out that I was a child star during the seventies, and was too young to remember…

Here are some clips of shows I appeared in….

Yep, that’s your old CyberPal doing his first gig…the pilot for "The Brady Bunch". I was the original Bobby, until Sherwood Schwartz decided that all the boys should be the same age as the corresponding sisters…

Out went Eric Brooks and in went Mike Lookinland…

Oh well, I ended up having hair of gold…like my step-mother a year later…

In a guest appearance on "Sanford & Son" an ex-girlfriend of Lamont’s pops in and suprises Fred with the news that he has a white grandchild…

NBC never aired this episode. They felt that TV wasn’t ready for this subject yet…

More pics coming soon….

*All Photos courtesy of Bob Turner’s book: "Losers And Has-Beens Of Yesteryear: WHO CARES what they’re doing now!"

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