The Golden Finger Awards

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Yes.  She's sucking on a thumb... so?

gfingr1.gifYes, boys and girls… THIS IS THE MOMENT. At long last, this week’s event of the century is here. Are you nervous??? You bet your bippy you are, and why shouldn’t you be? For a while now, your most intimate thoughts, your innermost dreams, and your dumbest quiz results have been out on the WORLD WIDE WEB for all of us to see…

You wanted accolades and praise for talking about your breakfast, the furniture you bought at IKEA, and your Friday Five answers…. you got it!!!

But first, let’s…

My alternate personalities...


They’re sexy, intriguing and fascinating. We put them down, and bitch about them behind their backs all the time because apparently we’re not.

**// Wait… can we DO that??? *SHRUG* //**

Nothing generates laughs more than Capitol Hill. Aw hell, it’s the comedy nexus of the world…

  • I’d even re-elect that idiot Bush, if she posts enough wet t-shirt pics… Goes to Michele of a small victory.
  • Best use of venomous humor on Yasser ArafatSimon Laurence of Amish Tech Support
  • Best use of venomous humor on Ariel SharonNico of Negative Subspace

These are people impervious to ritalin. They cause madness and mayhem everywhere they go, and feel the internet is nothing more than their litterbox. You stay on their good side, nervously laugh at their jokes, and suck up to them… because you’ve seen the wrath and destruction they’ve brought upon their enemies up close.

TRIAL BY FIRE (and other legal crap)
People who have been through legal and personal hell this year, and were kind enough to share their pain for us before we moved on the our next read.

  • Screw blogging, my kids come firstT, of Eagle Eye View
  • There’s more to Hawaii than coconuts and UkelelesAli of Paradise Ali
  • Doin’ Time: An inside look at L.A. County JailKim of The Sick Side
  • America, you will be rounded up and shotMatt, of Ezrael
  • Exposing the horrors and shocking truth about school fundraisersKim of Musings of a Misfit Mama
  • All your ‘Zillas am belonging to us!Dave Linabury of Davezilla
  • Comeback of the YearTammie of My Little Ones
  • Because she’s been through hell and back too and has a great outlookAnne of semi composementis
    (Awarded by Pete B.)

They either look like your favorite Hollywood celebrities, sure as hell act like them… sometimes they’re even better than the original.

  • Don’t mess with the bull, young man…Dick Vernon of Demented and Sad, but Social
  • “no I am NOT Sigourney Weaver! Leave me ALONE!!!”Skarlet, the Punk Princess
  • Robin Williams of the WebJohn of Linkworthy
  • I’m John Lennon. Really.Steve (I don’t know his last name) of Benway
  • Mistaken for Samantha Fox all the timeTess of Echoes of a dream
  • Reminding us why we all love Led ZeppelinKathy K. of Mindless Chatter
  • Has no idea why I’ve nicknamed her Amy FisherMollie of Vivid Emotions
  • Kinda like Blossom, only sexierLiz of Idiocracies
  • Had a site she designed once listed on Arlo Guthrie’s SiteBrooke of Rivervision
  • The Wil Wheaton of the WebWil Wheaton
    (What? Did you think he wasn’t going to win anything here?)
  • Best use of Buffett lyrics in a blogBran of .em
    (Awarded by Dan)
  • Best Link That Made Us All Cringe: The Cheeky Girls SongMike of akacooties
    (Awarded by Kathy K.)
  • “You have a gift Jack. You SEE people.”Pete B. of The Blog O’ the Blurf!
    (Awarded by -=e=-)

    These are the web stars of tomorrow… or maybe the day after that, or maybe the day after that. Who the hell knows.

    • PHP Boy Wonder – Pete of Encyclopeteia
    • Who needs MT? We don’t need no steenkin’ MT!Lisa Whirrett of Just Lisa
    • Most innovative use of DBManMike Brown, for The Pepy’s Project
    • Greatest web designer….EVER!Jann of Sweet Aspirations
    • Most blog design changes in a year/month/week/day/hourBran of .em
      (Awarded by Dan)

    Why, yes. Yes it is! You are the stars, the moon, and the sun, baby! Tim Berners-Lee created the web JUST for you, and Evan came up with the schematics for Blogger with YOU in mind! Contrary to what Robyn’s highly-paid minions and lackeys would have you believe… YOU, sir, are TROOLY The Princess of the Blogiverse™. Aaaand if the shoe fits… hey, throw the damn thing out and start a flame war, fer chrissakes. What good is having only ONE shoe that fits anyway?

    AWWWWWW!!!!!! Lookit -e-, having a pity party at his own awards show! Nobody’s nominating him for jack shit. Let’s toss a few his way to shut him the fuck up before he starts whining again.

    • Most Shameless (and successful) Trackback-Whoring on the Net
      (Awarded by Pete)
    • Best satire of the “Bloggies”
      (Awarded by Les)
    • Most excessive use of Vaseline Intensive Care
      (Awarded by Nico and Jewdez)
    • Most Likely to Get Hickies in Linky Love?
      (Awarded by Batgrl)
    • Blogger who took the longest to get his site NS compliant.
      (Awarded by Faith)

    Some bloggers tend to go against the grain and actually *DO* something that interests someone other than themselves. No. Really. It happens sometimes.

    People that have touched our lives, and enriched it through the internet. Like that hot little vixen you cybered on IM who ended up being a 45 year old dude in Chicago… appearances can be deceiving. That’s ok. Things happen. They may or may not be Hitler’s offspring, or goat rapers in real life, but online… they’re ok and treat us good. And that’s what counts.

    These are the the people who have made the web a better place long before some of you had a clue what the web was. They were doing it for decades. Don’t even waste your time approaching them. You know you’re not worthy. In fact, why don’t you do us all a favor and just get the hell off the web before you embarass yourself further?

    • Best use of pin-up girls and retro art (long before anyone else was doing it) – Miz Kitty of Here Kitty, Kitty
    • Keeper of the Orange (Passing the mantle from Zeldman) – Faith of ctrl-alt-ego
    • Unearthing the lost treasures of the web (stuff like the very first web page to the morse code translator) – Steve Timberlake, the LinkMeister
    • Most quoted on the webLisa Whirrett for Lisa-isms
    • most amazing parenting collaborative weblogReal Life Parents
      (Awarded by Kim)
    • Blogging longer than God – Mark of furtive explorations
      (Awarded by Rha)
    • Blogger With The Largest Smilie CollectionGina of Recycled Thoughts
      (Awarded by Maria)


    Uhm....… to all our winners of round one. I gave you “The Finger”, and dammit, you truly deserved it!!!

    Pick up your award:
    Of course I made an “alternate version” of the award in case your site has visitors or family that don’t quite understand…

    Remember: “Don’t be a dick, always right-click.”
    gfingr1.gif gfingr2.gif
    I’m well aware that I missed a lot of people, but I’ve been at this post for three days now… don’t worry, you may *STILL* be a winner!!!!

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