Roe -vs- Wade: 30 Years later

I haven’t surfed any sites today, and I doubt I’ll have the time until I get home… but I really hope there will be lots of discussion about the 30th Anniversary of Roe -vs- Wade today.

Personally, I have always been amazed that it was even a controversy.

The main opponents of abortion are usually people that can’t get pregnant, mostly men, older religious women… and you know, the Pope.

These are people that can’t *possibly* understand the prospect of facing an 18-to-life sentence of a responsibility they *KNOW* they’re not ready for. Or living with the monument of the day you were raped by a relative or a total stranger…

These are people who *clearly* can’t put themselves in other people’s shoes; people that *don’t want* to understand… so how can they have a say in what should or shouldn’t be done?

It’s very easy to make a snap decision based on a hypothetical question isn’t it? When lives aren’t hanging in the balance, and forever changed in either direction, with no consequences whatsoever… you can spew out a “yea” or “nay” with little or no problem.

I think H. Ross Perot put it best when asked by reporters on his views:
“Bah, that’s a women’s issue… next question.”

Here’s how *I’VE* always seen it. I’m a guy. I can’t get pregnant, nor will I ever have to endure labor. I don’t have a say in this issue. I say, let only the people who are directly affected by Roe -vs- Wade voice their opinions, and you’ll see that there *really is* no controversy after all.

  • “Women that use abortion as a means of birth control”
    Do you *really* want to see someone so irresponsible, that they can’t even think of birth control during sex, to be in charge of another human life?
  • “Funny how all the people who are for abortion are alive today”
    So are all the people who commit suicide, and scream “I never asked to be born”. Your point?
  • “There’s always adoption”
    Yes, let’s force a woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant to put a year of her life on hold, go through 40 weeks of physical, hormonal, and emotional changes to give birth to a child, hand it over to a system that will forget about them, and we’ll probably read about this child’s partially-decomposing corpse being found in a dumpster or landfill somewhere… society has enough unwanted children.

    Or perhaps, you’d like to put your money where your mouth is, and have this fetus transferred to *your* uterus, and you can enjoy all of the above. Wanna give it a spin? You’d be amazed what modern science can do these days.

  • “All human life is precious”
    Oh, PUH-LEEZ… get in the real world, you! People that blow up abortion clinics and/or kill the doctors involved say that all the time. (Hypocrisy, anyone?). Exactly *where* is life precious? We’re human beings, the only species on the planet that kills our own for the stupidest reasons. And if we don’t do it with war, crime, and terrorism, we can always count on starvation, AIDS, Ebola, and natural disasters to finish the job. There’s six and a half billion of us… and none of us are worth a damn in the grand scheme of things. Think about it.
  • “I’m against abortion. I’ll only make an exception in a case of rape or incest.”
    If you can think of at least one reason for an abortion, wouldn’t it make perfect sense for it so stay safe and legal? Haven’t these people suffered enough without having to provide some form of solid evidence that they are victims? Given the current statistics of convictions, and the fact that most of these cases go unreported… I somehow doubt these people taking such a stance are just going to “take your word for it”, are they?
  • “The story of Jesus Christ was much like a ‘surprise’ pregnancy. What if Mary had aborted him?”
    Uhm, Ladies? If you find yourself pregnant, you know your husband isn’t the father, and the Archangel Gabriel shows up to give you the rundown on how your child is the Messiah, gonna save the world, and all that stuff…

    … can I trust you guys to do the right thing, and *not* abort our Saviour? Pretty please?

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