Golden Finger awards: Round II

We’ve got Round II going on…
To me, this is even better than Round I, because the WEB COMMUNITY gives you “The Finger™”… not just an idiot with binary/digital MPD.

But first, some announcements…

In yo’ faces…CHUMPS!!!

Traffic here has spiked today, largely due to our own Mr. Laurence, and the lovely (and oh so scandalous!) Min Jung Kim. Welcome! Please feel free to nominate Ms. Kim and make up a great category (be nice, you!!!!)

Maria has survived another round of layoffs at her job. WOO HOO!!! A lot of friends recently haven’t been as fortunate. Gee? You think our economy is just a *little* fucked??? I was going to a comedy club tomorrow night, but I decided to watch the State of the Union Address on tv instead.

Yes. You may take that any way you want.

Boffo The ClownI’m sure you’re ALL following the scandals going on here closely, and you’ll be happy to know we’ve reached a settlement with Ms. Bullock’s attorneys. Basically, my attorney explained that due to Boffo’s widely-publicized cocaine addiction and alcoholism… coupled with his distress that Geocities has closed down his cartoon page (there since 1998)… his lapses of judgement are somewhat excusable. Attorneys for Ms. Bullock are willing to let this go as long as there is no more publicity, and we keep “that disgusting pig on a short leash.”

Boffo the clown offers “no comment” on the settlement, however requested that we put the following graphic back up…

Oral Sex Donations Accepted

I am SO SCREWED!!! I might as well put up a “404 page” now…


Let your voices be heard!!!
You nominate a fellow blogger… and THEY WIN AUTOMATICALLY.
So far…


People that have touched our lives, and enriched it through the internet. Like that hot little vixen you cybered on IM who ended up being a 45 year old dude in Chicago… appearances can be deceiving. That’s ok. Things happen. They may or may not be Hitler’s offspring, or goat rapers in real life, but online… they’re ok and treat us good. And that’s what counts.


Winners through Round II will be constantly updated on this page.

(One more time: Nominate them in the comments…AND THEY WIN!
Don’t make me try and explain this with a shadow puppet show again.)

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19 thoughts on “Golden Finger awards: Round II

  1. Al these awards reminded me of when Faith and I went to sleepaway camp, way back when, and the waiters had their weekly kitchen awards. (Rob and Ray, Faith). I wish I could remember all of the categories, but alas, it was 20 years ago and my memory’s not that good. But Eric, I thought you’d appreciate two that I *can* remember.

    1. The Fleet Award: awarded to the biggest pain in the ass. (And for those of you not familiar with Fleet, they make enemas)

    2. The Cathy Rigby Award: awarded to the biggest stuck up c*nt. (ok – for those that don’t remember, back in the early 80’s, gymnast Cathy Rigby appeared in all the commericals for Tampax tampons, hence… )

    Of course I’m going to drive myself crazy trying to remember more of them….

  2. Li, I think thankfully that’s one memory out of my head.

    And now, I need to nominate JoePixel as the best blog named Joe by a guy named Scott.

  3. All I have to say is this…..OMG YOU ARE A HOOT….and your awards are nothing short of the best comic relief we all need in our life………as brutal as the comentary may be accompanying the award….but hey David Letterman is a millionary due to his commentary. Right?

  4. I would like to nominate Dawn for “Classiest Blogger” in the “I can actually WRITE category”! Lots of love for my girl!! :o)

  5. Faith of for Classiest use of Retro (Kitsch?) styling in a weblog.

    (Or whatever words are appropriate.)

    I ***HATE*** how many designers use that style, but I’ve always liked how came out. πŸ˜‰

  6. In the category Excellent use of sexy colors I think Faith should be awarded for her beautiful orange toilet and matching apartment. Min Jung Kim at for the excellent use of the hopeless colorcombination pink and red.
    Angel for Most excessive moving on and offline.
    -e- for Most scary and various alternate personalities.

  7. I love Nico’s — I second the motion for -e- for Most excessive use of Vazeline Intensive Care

    I also nominate Geekgrrl for the Geekiest online relationship (of course with her lil’ code monkey)

  8. I am so honored, to just ahve been nomimated with myself well, I was in such good company! I think we all should win! Just a sybil moment.

    Thanks Kat, for the nod, your right I do desreve one! Lol, I love you all so much. I’d like to thank, my husband, and cats and all the little people who make this possible, my Host Mark of *music starts playing* Thanks! *escorted off stage by hot men*

  9. I do have to nominate my Host Mark, because he’s been blogging almost longer than god, and has the mosr sardonic, malevolent links ever!

  10. Sue Bailey of Sue for best blog using home brewed blogging software! Nothing but Net!

    Yeah, it’s a geek thing…

  11. And I missed Jewdez streaking!!!!! AAAAARGH!

    work always gets in the way of fun. I hate it.

  12. I was about to say no, but then I realized that you have to be sexy to use sexy colors. It’s in the rules somewhere.

    After following Angel’s link, I have to say that the little message in the lower right-hand corner deserves an award for “Most direct method of viewer weeding” that I’ve ever seen.

    See ya all in a couple of weeks.

  13. Angel,

    I mean it in a good way, it made me laugh instantly. I’m sure it works the other way to those of a certain sensibility. I don’t cater to that either. It almost seems fitting that the rollover be the Golden Finger graphic in its true finger form.

    Sorry about the ambiguity. (Hopefully my snarkiness remains intact)

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