Where hatred ends and humanity begins

Rarely do I agree with Michele these days. However I do respect her. She’s an excellent writer and this is one of those times where an emotional post *should* override politics and agendas.

Yeah I admit it. I’m no fan of the Iranians. I’m programmed to hear the word “Iran” and think of the 1979 hostage crisis, Ayatollah Khomeni calling America “The Great Satan”. All that fun stuff. The hilarity of last April didn’t help either with Sayed and Blogshares. They hate me. I hate them back. No problem.

Hating people back certainly doesn’t bring a solution in the long run (unless the goal is genocide or total annhilation), it’ll go on for generations. It brought to mind an old episode from The Jeffersons about bigotry and compassion. George Jefferson (a black man) saved the life of a white supremacist who suffered a heart attack, while getting in a mad fervor and inciting a mob against him.

His reaction to George saving his life was: “You should have just let me die”.

While George was discouraged, Tom noted how everyone was disgusted by this man’s blind hatred and propaganda… including the klansman’s own son. All from a simple act of compassion by someone they’d least expect. Actions speak louder than words.

I certainly understand Meryl’s reaction (or any Jewish person for that matter), as my initial kneejerk reaction was similar. Simon Laurence Simon, on the other hand, is just a hateful jackass on any occasion. He’s another one I refuse to take seriously in Blogland.

No, I don’t know what it’s like to be a Jew, (or even a Black, Hispanic, Indian, Arab, Asian or Hispanic person.) But a person can apply a fucked up incident, imagine what it would be like if it happened to them… and sympathize terribly.

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You can look at a picture like this one, and see a man that would want to see you dead… or you can see a father in a great deal of pain as he’s burying his small little bundles from heaven into a grave forever.

I suspect at this moment he’s not thinking about how much he hates Americans or Jews… that is, if he ever hated them begin with.

This earthquake has tapped into a subject that is the heart of many issues we dance around. OUR HATRED. Or at least mine. Unlike many hypocrites out there, I’m not afraid to take a look inside myself.

Michele’s point is that this is about PEOPLE not GOVERNMENT. It’s not about Yaweh, Allah or Jesus. It’s not about Israel -vs- Palestine. It’s not about President Bush, Mohammad Khatami, Saddam Hussein, Halliburton, or a poisoned ideology.

Right now… it’s about people suffering that desperately need help. Not their insane leaders.

Much like how George Jefferson’s actions changed the thinking of a room full of bigots, this may help relations in the Middle East in the long run. But it’s not even about that right now, it’s about doing the right thing.

All I can afford to give right now is my deepest sympathy to the people of Bam, Iran… and to apologize for my previously flippant attitude toward “my enemies”. And I’m proud that my country is willing to rise above the petty emotions and the politics and give a helping hand to those in need.

It’s that part of America that so many people are eager to forget.

Sayed Razavi is *STILL* an asshole though. :0)

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10 thoughts on “Where hatred ends and humanity begins

  1. -e-. I agree with you totally, no matter what, the human loss and pain caused by the death of so many is hard. Anyone who can’t empathize eith the people in Iran after this event must have a heart of stone.

  2. I can only speak for myself. As a human being, my first instinct when I see someone in trouble is to want to help.

    It’s the second impulse, the one that comes after stopping to think of the consequences, that is the “learned response”.

    If the government of Iran welcomed my aid as a humanitarian gesture, I would be more than happy to offer it. But when they say “sorry, we can’t accept your help because you’re Jewish”, that’s when I have a hard time bashing my head against the wall to help someone who’d rather see me dead.

    The irony is, I know how some people feel about me. As long as they don’t make good on their threats to hurt me, I leave them alone. Everybody is entitled to their own beliefs. I only wish that some people could put their hatred aside for a little while when they could use the help of any willing bystander.

  3. Damnit, I was going to use the Jefferson’s reference in a post this morning. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. If I passed you on the street, and you were dying, I would not give you a drink of water, infidel!

    Seriously though, I think someone has to try to break the cycle of hatred. Sadly, if we don’t, no one else probably will – and we’re better than that. At least I like to think we are.

  4. But when they say “sorry, we can’t accept your help because you’re Jewish”, that’s when I have a hard time bashing my head against the wall to help someone who’d rather see me dead.

    Well, Jack… I’m sure it goes without saying how retarded I think the Republic of Iran is being about it. Not to mention hypocritical (why let the country that arms “The Zionists” in…).

    But, oh, God… that’s a subject I don’t even want to touch.

    But people that would rather let their own people suffer and die on a principle… is, well, retarded.

    But I do stress, this is more a reflection for me, and a look inside at my own hatred. I think it was best put at Michele’s with “It’s up to an individual”. And I think in this case, there’s no wrong response. I can barely help myself right now… but at least I can offer an acknowledgment of a change of heart and some sympathy… it’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s something.

    But don’t look for me booking a vacation in Teheran any time soon. :0)

  5. I think everything is funny. I wear funny-colored glasses.
    Well, jeez, Lair… I have so idea what you said on your site, but I’m getting a load of visitors from ATS. Thank you!
    (Even if it’s bad) :0)

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