America needs to laugh again

Seriously. It’s part of the healing process.

You’d have to understand my origins to understand me. I’m from Brooklyn… we are world-renowned for our sick humor at the darkest times.

Growing up in dilapidated house, no male role models to fix things as they broke… (My friends have been calling the house “1313 Mockingbird Lane” since Junior High School). You had to laugh at it. When I built a recording studio in my basement, to watch the toughest “gangstas” in Brooklyn haul ass, as sewer rats the size of chihuauhas came out to hear their lyrics…

That was funny as hell!

There were a lot of hard times there, it was overcrowded, it was hostile and dangerous to be a white person in that neighborhood after a while…

Humor got us through.

Early attempts to make us laugh after the tragedy was pretty bad. Poking fun at the WTC is like making fun of a rape victim (which is never funny, and when you think about it… that’s what happened to America on 9/11).


  • Al Qaeda announced Thursday that it would lay off 5,000 or more holy warriors. – Fucking hilarious!
  • The Onion shows us how it’s done with its Special Report: “Holy Fucking Shit! Attack on America” – American satire at its best….. CHECK IT OUT!
    All links via MetaFilter… which brings me to today’s Newz & Gossip:
  • The end of MetaFilter? – Former “A-Lister” and Webby loser Jason Kottke and MetaFilter mastermind (and former “A-lister”) Matthew Haughey discuss (as we’re all apparently ignored) how MetaFilter is a “hassle”, “may be scrapped”, and “turned into something it wasn’t meant to be”…

Uhm… that would be total domination and worship of the “A-List”, wasn’t it?

Matt, boobalah, do you realize what a juggernaut you have created?

It’s valuable property… and if you play your cards right (ie: stop complaining about what a hassle it is to maintain.) You can make a small fortune selling it off with all your hard work and brilliant coding.

Me? I’m all for the worship of the A-List…


Because there is a new “A-List”. Run by the Axis of Jon Sullivan and Matthew Rossi (as confirmed here…).

We MUST worship them! Compelling content and good discussion is what the people want… Besides, I know these guys. If I suck up to them enough,
***I can become an “A-Lister”.*** :0)

  • I will now proudly resume my role and bring you the finest in Newz, Gossip, and Pro-American Propaganda…

Well, maybe…

Tomorrow I face a judge on various charges for what happened over the summer… you all know what happened after that, and obviously this “Police State” isn’t done punishing us.

For what? For being stranded, and doing the best you can to stay afloat.

Will I do jail time? Will I face a stiff fine? Or will this Magistrate decide we’ve been punished enough?

Sentencing is tomorrow morning in Dingman’s Ferry if you all have nothing better to do.

I’m sure the same people who had a field day cracking “Trailer Jokes” as the Sheriffs locked us out of our home last February are going to have a field day with this one…

Oh well, at least they’ll be laughing again. Laughter is good.

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