Attention Sugar & Brine Fans….

Erica has moved the site to… please make a note of it. She redesigned. It looks great but I miss the pics of her on the side (there was one that kinda gave me a tingling sensation. ::I probably shouldn’t have written that::.)

::Sidebar: Well, I hope I’m not stepping on any toes here , but uh… I’m not the kinda guy that thinks “Three is a crowd”, y’know? ;0)

Death Notices…

For the folks following the Yahooligans, The Hate Debate is no more…. I guess a lot of things were done and said that a lot of people wish they could undo… but you can’t in a discussion forum can you? Words you say are archived…. forever & ever. What could be seen as a brief moment of anger IRL, can become an eternal blanket statement always ready to be thrown in your face, and held against you.

Folks, in your next email, blogging or posting….PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE!

You can catch the antics of Fuzzy_Rage, okeyloki, Kare_d, renob and all at their new home at The Arbiter’s Court, picking up a few new cast members like Carrie_the_other_white_meat and Captain_rug_munch…

Feel free to join… it’s all in good fun!

Political Notes

You know… I rarely shove my religious/political/sports beliefs on you folks, but just so my favorite redhead doesn’t think she’s the only one defending our party, I’m prepared to issue the following ultimatum:

  • If I see one more “Bush picks Dick” joke out there, I will throw each and every one of you bleeding-heart-liberal-tax-raising Democrats off this site until the next Presidential election!!!! (Just like I did to Netscape users a few years back!) Speaking of that “It Takes A Village” crap that got my buddy Matt in such hot water a few weeks back… now may the time to remind folks that resent their music being edited/stickered with advisory warnings…. In the late 80’s the PMRC
    (Parents Music Resource Center) got that accomplished…. their leader: TIPPER GORE. Thought I should remind you during these crucial months before the election.


Wow… if Faith had green eyes, I’d bill her as my “next-ex-wife”. :0)

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