Blog This !

My first rant/commentary since the December 1999 etoy/etoys saga:

Shut The F*ck Up!!! (Death to the weblog)” awaiting your nasty emails at SoapBox.

The Webmistress can take a joke. Zeldman can take a joke. Hell, I was portrayed as a
Jack Nicholson/Bi-polar type
for this today…so I can take a joke. (uh…I think JZ was kidding…)

Can YOU take a deep look inside and laugh?

BTW… WHUZZUPDATE, is NOT a weblog. Don’t make me try to explain this and expose my homophobic inner-child, okay? I’m making enough enemies aaaaaall by myself!

Maybe I’m a “closet fan” of the weblog…. who knows?

Two words: PLAYED OUT
, Chris & Tom, it’s been a blast being a mirror site for the “Elian_true” parody for a week… but, well. Let’s face it; as funny as it was (the first 47 times I saw it)… this sucker has died of overexposure!

You won a bittersweet victory against a tyrannical legal department. I had 25 million hits to my site this week (well, I can’t exactly prove that, since my counter is set to crash at 24.9 million…just take my word for it ok?)

I look forward to this being achived at Newgrounds and Sixsite one day as an “internet classic”…but for now? GROAN!

For the 5 of you out there, who hasn’t seen it… you can click here.

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