Denny Keast speaks?

Holee cow!!!!

I don’t know if I’ve just scooped the cyberworld, but a gentleman claiming to be Denny Keast just set the record straight on my blog about that idiotic-mail circulating around, and denies having anything to do with it. I’ve just notified Snopes.Com about it and offering anything I have to help them confirm it.

“I have never flown a SAM mission nor have I ever been on Air Force One. These missions were flown by a special unit out of Andrews AFB, VA. I was never based in Washington DC, so the part about knowing a Secret Service Agent there is a lie as well.”

Do I think it’s the real Denny Keast? Yes I do.

For the simple reason that there is no political motivation behind his comments & he’s not endorsing any candidates here. It sounds like the words of a man who honorably served his country, worked with Presidents Johnson and Nixon, and simply wants to clear his name and not be stuck in the middle of the political mudslinging that will only get worse (and possibly violent) as the Presidential race continues.

Frankly I have no dog in this fight, either. No candidates are paying me to blog for them… so I’m not. Truth be told, I have no idea who I’m voting for at this point. People need to leave Mr. Keast alone and stop circulating junk e-mail in his name.

Consider your name cleared, sir, and I am honored you chose my site to do it. 😀

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