Get a thicker skin, or get the HELL outta Dodge City!

I’m not going to waste my bandwidth (or your time) linking to Pocono Crybaby’s recent rant about us outlaws in the wild west and how some joke of a legislation in New Jersey is going to curb all anonymous postings and blogging and protect people supposedly being slandered and defamed…

The readers digest version is: He’s cheering it on because he doesn’t want to be criticized. Any form of criticism to him is “slander”. End of story. I’m not allowed to call him a moron and a crybaby… even doing it here under my REAL name.

I know. Sick, right?

First of all, there is no way in HELL this bill is going to pass. If “Mr. Renegade Blogger” had half a brain and a little experience outside of his pathetic little world, he’d KNOW we’ve been though this over and over…

  • Anyone remember a little case with me, Newgrounds, Sean Bonner, RatBastard, Playboy and a zillion other sites standing up against the Associated Press over a Wassup Elian flash video?
  • How about when eToys decided to stomp all over some group with a similar name?
  • No one took it back then…. and we ain’t taking censorship now.

    AP caved in. eToys caved in. So did a ton of other people who have challenged us little guy’s Freedom of Speech. We’re more organized and a lot more powerful now. Have you seen the names behind CyberSLAPP? That Republican and two Democrats will be lucky to have their jobs by their next election!

    I mean I’ve been blogging since 1998 (the year before Blogger came out?), Pocono Crybaby’s been blogging a few months… so hey, what do I know, right?

    Do your homework next time, Crybaby. You may have won a round by calling my webhost to remove a screenshot of your stupidity, but I only allowed it because I already made my point. If you think a screenshot of something you’ve done wrong is “slander”, then you need to get a legal dictionary, boy… cuz you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Get a thicker skin and learn how to take criticism, jackass, or get the fuck off the web. Go move to Red China if you don’t like Free Speech here in America.

    Last I still checked the people want free speech and to write their thoughts anonymously and safely here in the Wild West.

    And us outlaws still wear Black. 😀

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