Ah memories!

Ah memories! Cleaning up my site and the trouble @seanbonner got us all into back then. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/266 LOL!

I am referring to the good old old days where the Associated Press was going after Tom Fulp of Newgrounds.com and Sean Bonner who created the parody of the Budweiser “WASSAP” video with pictures of Elian Whatzisname being “rescued” by Janet Reno’s Stormtroopers.


It was a different web back then. Corporate entities strongarmed and bullied people with expensive lawyers hoping webmasters would back down, even though things were well within legal limits for parody use.

So we ALL ran that movie in protest. Good times, good times. 😀

Wonder what Elián is doing these days?

How to *NOT* be Wrong in an Internet Fight (and other goodies)

Detailed steps that is GUARANTEED to insure that you will never lose another flamewar again… (humor).

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I’ll be moving a lot of my blogs from MySpace over to my site shortly. Personally I think I need to spend more time here and re-establish my rapport with a lot of bloggers out in the blogosphere again (helloooo is anyone still out there? *echo*).

How to be a blogging superstar on MySpace...

But I have to admit, with 200+ comments with every post over there versus 2-3 here… I’m wondering is it even worth blogging here anymore? Getting people *off* MySpace and to another website is like pulling teeth too!

Beyond Tragic

Jesus… 🙁

I don’t even know where to begin with the MeanKids/Kathy Sierra/Allan Herrell thing. It was just pointed out on Problem Adults, where I saw a disturbing screenshot of the comments made by Rev ED.

But I do know Alan Herrell… and that ain’t him making those comments as “Rev ED”.

When I first arrived on the web scene in the late 90’s, thinking I was some badass, I was snubbed by most of the Techno-Elite. The Head Lemur (as well as Jeffrey Zeldman) was one of the few who were kind to me. We’ve spoken on the phone many times… and he’s offered nothing but encouragement to me.

One thing about my almost-10-year friendship with the Head Lemur… He doesn’t bullshit you. He tells it like it is and he doesn’t mince words.

And he sure as hell doesn’t hide behind a screenname when he speaks his mind.

The posts on Unclebobism is so clearly a frame job. It’s his pic with words that sound nothing like him.

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Why I’ll probably never work for another candidate or take advertisers.

Simply put, I’m a snarky, sarcastic, jaded bastard.

I value my All-American rights to free speech and voicing my opinions… regardless of who I piss off. (Don’t get me wrong, I realize I am a reflection of my employers to a certain degree, so I *DO* exercise a certain level of responsibility and accountability in all I do and say). But I despise having to self-censor myself.

Oh and did I forget to mention that I helped make websites and strategies for two campaigns? One Republican and one Democrat. Both were facing major hurdles as underdogs but in the end, they won in landslides.

Yes, this is why some of us colorful web personalities are hired by candidates. Though we have a ton of skeletons in our archives, we’re incindiary, controversial, riveting and damned good at what we do in commanding attention.

Which brings us to the “Brawl of the Week” (hat tip to Wulfgar).

John Edwards, Amanda Marcotte & Melissa McEwan -vs- Michelle Malkin, William Donohue & The Fighting 101st Keyboarders

The Plot: Right Wingers dig up dirt from the archives of Pandagon and Shakespeare’s Sister and demand Edwards fire his bloggers for their content.

The Review: Manufactured outrage by people with skeletons in their own closets who would never vote for Edwards anyway… so why even listen to them? Continue reading “Why I’ll probably never work for another candidate or take advertisers.”

Evel Knievel Lives???

Evel Knievel: King of the stuntmenEvel Knievel sues Kanye West over video

TAMPA, Fla. – Evel Knievel has sued Kanye West, taking issue with a music video in which the rapper takes on the persona of “Evel Kanyevel” and tries to jump a rocket-powered motorcycle over a canyon. Knievel, whose real name is Robert Craig Knievel, filed a lawsuit in federal court in Tampa on Monday claiming …. blah blah blah blah….

That’s not even the real story here.

The real story is Evel Knievel is still alive? F**KIN’ COOL!!!!!

If you were too young to remember Evel Knievel (thank God you missed the ’70’s), think Johnny Knoxville and “Jackass”. Us kids found ourselves riveted to tv when he was on “Wide World of Sports”.

The thing is, we KNEW he was going to bust his ass and break every bone in his body with every jump (I mean really, dude, shouldn’t you have fired your stunt coordinators? Maybe taken some classes in “Physics” or something?). It was a question of “how bad will he get fucked up THIS time”. It was like a car wreck you couldn’t turn away from!!!!

And what did us little jackasses do on the streets of Brooklyn after watching our hero get pulverized? That’s right, set up ramps in the streets, pull whatever the hell we can find from vacant lots and try to jump over them with our no-speed bikes!!!! 😀

See, there were no “Parent Safety Groups” or Televangelists calling on boycotts back then. No one claiming imitating him was a hazard and a “danger to our youth”.

Hell no. Drugs and gang violence killed much of my childhood friends years later. 😀

68 years old, huh? I wonder if he sits there and sees all the people lined up in their wheelchairs at the nursing home and wonders if he can jump over all of them with his All-Mobility Scooter? 😀

Betty Bowers -vs- Ann Coulter

Betty Bowers reviews ‘Ann Coulter’s: Godless’

HAW HAW! Oh forget anything I can say about that anorexic loon, Betty Bowers does it so much better!

"Instead of using this book to dabble in the bracing novelty of introspection, Miss Coulter turns her two-setting mind (‘off’ and ‘off her rocker’) to hector us about religion."

"Let’s be honest: Reading a book about religion from Ann Coulter is tantamount to reading a book about dieting from Michael Moore. After all, who wants to be lectured about not being Christian enough by an almost-50 year-old boozehound in a black leather miniskirt who has never been married?"

Wait there’s more…

"With a mouth so busy frothing it apparently has no time to eat, Miss Coulter claims to be livid at these opportunistic widows for being crass enough to remember the event that killed the father of their children."

Go read it. The right-wing must be so proud of her…

PS: For those who missed the crock-u-drama, “The Path to 9/11”, the White House website has some of the deleted scenes you missed because all Good Americans™ watched football that night instead. 😀

There is no 9/11 conspiracy, you morons!

Rather than me coming up with something wild and far-fetched (Like how assholes in New York can *honestly* believe I’m divorced and no longer seeing or supporting my children… you know the ones I stayed home from work and picked up from school today?), I bring you another nutty conspiracy theory skillfully debunked by the man I want to be when he grows up: MADDOX….

You see… as long as the Democrats allow lunatics to continue spouting stuff like this, and not disavow them… they will continue to lose and wonder why people use the term “The Looney Left”. With the mid-term elections coming up, and no doubt Terrorism will be the number one topic and ace in the hole for Fox “News” types, we can’t afford to lose this one.

These nutjobs and conspiracy theorists do NOT speak for me. Go take your “Illuminati” fairy tales someplace else.

Get a thicker skin, or get the HELL outta Dodge City!

I’m not going to waste my bandwidth (or your time) linking to Pocono Crybaby’s recent rant about us outlaws in the wild west and how some joke of a legislation in New Jersey is going to curb all anonymous postings and blogging and protect people supposedly being slandered and defamed…

The readers digest version is: He’s cheering it on because he doesn’t want to be criticized. Any form of criticism to him is “slander”. End of story. I’m not allowed to call him a moron and a crybaby… even doing it here under my REAL name.

I know. Sick, right?

First of all, there is no way in HELL this bill is going to pass. If “Mr. Renegade Blogger” had half a brain and a little experience outside of his pathetic little world, he’d KNOW we’ve been though this over and over… Continue reading “Get a thicker skin, or get the HELL outta Dodge City!”


WOO HOO! My four millionth visitor walked in today at 10:02:22 AM!

Congratulations! You won a can of Turtle Wax!!!!
Damn, too bad this site was closed for two years, I’d be at 6 million by now.


In Other News…

PS: Awwww, it seems the pathetic and delusional Wayne Meyers is still obsessing and brooding over me dissing him.

Too bad. I haven’t given you second thought in weeks. You’re not even worth a normal sized font.
Seriously, dude. Get over yourself, seek help, and let it go while you still think you have control over this situation ok? I can make this situation unbearable if I want to.

*points and laughs at this unimportant individual*

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