Going on Hiatus!

I’m putting the finishing touches on an all-new section for Your Home Store. And then “The Baby” (this here computer that I completely rely so much on) is going into the shop for some much needed “W&W” (“West and Wewaxation” bwahhahahahaha! –Elmer Fudd you dummies!) before it’s warranty expires. This thing looks like it’s gone through a grenade attack!

Award of Excellence Too bad..I kinda like this one.
Some, well-meaning individual out in CyberTown seems to be filling out award submissions in my name. I’ve been notified that I have won at least 3 awards in the past 24 hours. Two of them take you directly off my site and into the site of other web designers. That, of course, ticks me off to no end…
This is the Award of Excellence, bestowed to me by my new CyberPal, Ben Ciolczynski. From what I understand, This is not an easy award to win either.

This site is actually worthy of being put in Erox Linx. . Ben’s Site Home & Hearth, is a warm & wonderful website with lots of inspirational quotes from the New Testament and noted writers. You really leave the site with a good feeling, and makes you want to go out there and make a difference! Great job Ben!

However…if I accept one award I have to accept them all.

Whoever you are, I love you…but knock it off, okay?

This site is approximately 2 weeks away from becoming www.ericbrooks.com.

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