Good Holiday Fun!!!

My cyberpal, Amanda Formaro of The Family Corner has a great game and holiday contest:

Concentration“, an online memory game. Play the game, and send her an E-Card, and you can win your own copy of the movie “Godzilla“, starring that Ferris Bueller/Inspector Gadget guy…. It’s fun!

Send her an E-Card anyway, she’s a sweetheart!

Wicked Holiday Fun!!! Longtime design hero, and everyone’s favorite Head Lemur, Alan Herrell also brought another fun little diddy my way: has a shockwave game, where you have two shoot 10 bald eToys guys in order to get into the site. My high score is 13…them bald guys get faster and keep on coming…

No Holiday Fun!!! Since the whole eToys fiasco has begun, their stock plummeted from $67 to a low of $45 per share on Friday. One financial site’s indicators are all screaming SELL all the way down the page… ZDNet’s Interactive week reported underground plans to drive eToys stocks down to “$0” with “Sit-Ins” and full-scale Hacker Cyber-Attacks

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