Hoo boy… I’ve done it now!

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  • Author/Blogger Paul Bauch paid me a visit (he’s got this cool tracking script), and gave me a piece of his mind in my comments.

    Just kidding there. He was a perfect gentleman, and wanted to clarify that his book about blogging is more of a technical/informational nature, and the only rule is to have fun. He has several books on Amazon, and I would encourage you to buy them all.Nay! Buy SEVERAL copies! And I’m not saying that because I fear Matt and the MetaFilter Mob™, or getting beaten up and crying like a bitch, or nothin’ like that.

  • The Whacky Iraqi – Awards the “Finger of the week” to… (drumroll)

    Guess what? I second that. Everyone wants peace. Not these assholes, though. Nooooobody tells big bad Hamas what to do! Not even their own people, whom they’re willing to sacrifice along with Israeli citizens, when the promise of an independent homeland is just five years away FROM finally becoming a reality.

    (BTW, for those just tuning in to world events *after* Sept. 11th, not all Palestinians are terrorists. Much like not all Italians are in the Mafia, or all Whites support the Ku Klux Klan… )

    I got more, but I doubt anyone wants a mention after bringing up Hamas, or the KKK.

    Oh WAIT… speaking of terrorism and hate groups: John Ashcroft and Strom Thurmond Jr. would like to remind all “good” Americans that only certain places are designated as “freedom of speech zones”.

    EricBrooks.Com® – Have you smacked an ignorant Freeper upside their head lately?

    // Updated: 11:32PM – “Iraq turning INTO a quagmire of Vietnam proportions, where the behaviour of troops feeds the hatred of an occupied people.”

    Somehow, I suspect the living hell our troops have had to see and are going through wont be seen on FOX news tonight. It may upset some viewers. (via The Gamer’s Nook) //

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5 thoughts on “Hoo boy… I’ve done it now!

  1. Funny, Paul’s comment makes no sense to me. Why would “offline” people care? What’s the big barrier here?

    “They basically say have fun and find your own way”

    Why would you need a whole book to say that? Let’s put this in simple terms. There is nothing about weblogging that anyone needs to know. If they are curious, they should CHECK it themselves. Any descriptions you give must be vague or they are false and the vagueness should be a clue as to their usefulness.

    My problem isn’t even with the books. I have nothing to say about things I will never read or care to, but when I hear them trying to promote weblogging and try to define it, I can only assume it’s because they can barely manage to squeeze off anything interesting on their own sites. They repeat the save crap over and over without actually saying anything. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t see all these people feeding INTO it like there was something being said and that weblogs were necessarily like what their definitions describe.

  2. Re: “Freedom of speech zones”: the case against protester Bursey is “being driven…by higher-ups in Wash., who want a new way to stifle dissent.” Yikes! They’re like a dog with a fucking boner. We “elderly hippies” are who gets the attention of all those bone-heads in the first place. Instead of putting this man in prison for waving a sign, I’d rather they give him an award for reminding everyone of our constitutional rights. But first, they’d have to, you know, let go of that bone in their mouths so they could “speak.”
    (“Good boy!” Now, roll over and play dead!”)

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