Livin’ La Tortilla Loca™!

Just got the “OK” from Rubin Enterprises to put this up. I was recently hired to make the logo for their line of products called “La Tortilla Loca™”. Really great people, and it was a pleasure working for them. Yesterday their CD full of artwork went out; variations of the logo, the original 8″ full-body “Tortilla Man”, RGB versions for the web and CMYK layouts for print. (It’s a lot more impressive in its 6″ x 8″ version, trust me!)

So when you see this logo at supermarkets… you can go “HEY! I know the guy who made that logo!”.

Carole got all the documents and promotional items I made from the printers today. So (despite only losing 10 lbs this week) I feel pretty damn productive.

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