Memorial Day Weekend!

Ahhh…a three-day weekend where we honor those who gave their lives so we can enjoy those barbecues, teenage girls in bikinis, and the unofficial start of summertime!

R.I.P. Rockstar was redesigned – My true story as a struggling musician in NYC. Bring your Kleenex, a lot of people die in this one (no cats, unfortunately). And you all wonder why I’m a crazy suicidal bastard! :0) Ironically, this went up at the same time Zeldman writes “Web designers aren’t Rock Stars”… HEE HEE!

Finally finished the flash version of Jack Hammer X-treme – They should be happy campers.

Sometime tonight: New listings of homes in the Poconos at Gresser Realty.

I had really nasty message here for Fierce.Com, Joe Jennett, Chris Donahue, Glenn Davis and every other self-appointed judge of “what’s good and what’s garbage” on the web….

Thanks to CyberPal, Charles Santana, another former resident of the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, a man who really did something his life….I saw the error of my ways.

Charles & I didn’t get out of that hellhole of a neighborhood using our fists, guns or telling people to “step outside”…we got out of the ‘hood using our minds and using our talent. Just below this post is a birthday wish for my youngest daughter. I don’t want her to think of me in any way but her “hero”….

So instead I said my piece on MetaFilter yesterday.

Hopefully some young people out there can learn a lesson about anger & hostility… it only breeds more anger & hostility. Find your self-esteem, and channel the negativity into something positive. You guys are just as smart and just as talented as the rest of us.

Thanks Charles

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