Missing in Action

Chloe is back (well, sorta. That and the NEPA blog seems to phase in & out of reality. But I saw it last night, with a new post on Watermelon Punch for the first time since Aug. 16th. Really.)

Any clue on the status of Kira or Mr. Larry, anyone?
(I’ve known about Mr. Larry for a while… I just figured he took a break after coming back from South America)

Jon visits Louisiana?
Batgrl dating a blogger?
Batgrl and Jon Sullivan?

Is the world ready for this?

THIS JUST IN: Woman calls in sick from work.

But here’s the kicker. Get this…. She actually *WAS* sick. (???)

No, No, NO Maria!!!!! You NEVER waste your sick days actually being “sick”. Sick days are for when you want to go to a baseball game, or play hooky from work, and don’t want to use up any of your personal days or vacation time.

You know, you do the “sick voice” (*cough* *cough* …like you’re *REALLY* fooling your boss. Come on! They make you do twice as much work tomorrow, no biggie.)

Tomorrow, I will attempt to explain why I can’t seem to hold a job down longer than six months. :0)

14 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. Hmmmm… I’ve heard of “earth shaking” sex, but never “reality warping”. I dunno, Jon just sent me the “other” pics of the trip (I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that.)

    Whoo wee! Are you double-jointed, or did you take gymnastics in school? :0)

  2. I am so excite for Batgrl and Jon.
    Romance-ain’t it devine??
    I wish them the best (while we’re all watching this develop of course…)

  3. Batgrl is a lady. If you’d bothered to come to Blogcon and actually meet her you’d know that. Questioning her virtue only makes you look like a jerk, and makes me want to grab your neck and shake you violently.

  4. Questioning her virtue only makes you look like a jerk, and makes me want to grab your neck and shake you violently.

    Heh heh… you mean “you’d try”. Please spare me the machismo, Jon.

    *sigh* I guess we all need to change the way we’ve been clowning around with Batty all this time now. Jeez.

    Thanks for the update, Nicole!

  5. Heh, no worries Eric.
    I still plan to laugh at Jon when he does that.
    But I’m also not going to kiss and tell!
    The Bat is always rather secretive about some things!

  6. E!! The problem with calling in sick that day was that I hadn’t been in to work all WEEK!!! *lol* I am such a crumb bum! I don’t know why they put up with me!! *lol*

  7. But I’m also not going to kiss and tell!
    Of course not, sis… that’s *MY* job, heh heh!
    Jon in love… this is going to take some getting used to…

    But seriously, I’m happy for you guys, best of luck!

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