Purple Heart Band-Aids… niiiice.

Another thing that turned a lot of people off FROM last week’s Republican National Hatefestâ„¢ was the Purple Heart Bandaids being passed around, basically calling John Kerry and anyone else who bled for our country a bunch of sissies and crybabies?

Is that what Republicans think of our men and women in the armed forces and their sacrifices?

Several letters to the editor in the Des Moines Register echo what decent Americans thought. Here’s one that really got to me:

“The Republicans may think it’s cute to wear ‘Purple Heart Band-Aids.’ As a Vietnam veteran with two Purple Hearts, I find it disgusting, insulting and demeaning.
The insensitive people at the Republican convention wearing the Purple Heart Band-Aids were mocking me and the thousands of others like me who were wounded under hostile fire in battle with a deadly enemy.It was bad enough 35 years ago to have to slip back INTO the United States and hide the fact that I was in Vietnam. The Republicans’ hurtful humor tells me that even now many so-called patriotic Americans still belittle the sacrifice made by thousands of draftees like me…”

More: Intervention Magazine: Republicans Insult Wounded Veterans

The fact is, the Republican Party is out of control. Vicious and hateful, it is disrespectful and desperate, a political party that is now attacking America&apos;s wounded veterans. And the leadership of this Party remains quiet, behind the scenes it actively works to trash our veterans. First they attacked John McCain, claiming the former POW was unfit to be President because he had been a prisoner in Vietnam; then they insisted that Max Cleland, who lost three limbs on the battlefield in Vietnam, did not sacrifice for his country; then they smeared John Kerry&apos;s military service and dismissed his sacrifices for America. Now, Republicans are insulting all veterans who are Purple Heart recipients, every American wounded in a war.

Not so funny anymore, is it Morton?

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