Questions from the back of the class….

  • Who said no one is allowed to have a say in what they feel on their pages?
  • Who said you can’t have some fun? I’m a big boy, I can take it. Hell, who knew you had a sense of humor?
  • Let me get this straight, YOU’RE offended at being on the list of “chicks with egos” now???? Remind me what the name of your site is again? ctrl-alt-…..?????(yes, the “title” attribute works in a <B> tag, did you know that?)
  • And I “started it” by posting a link to your site, and sharing my innermost thoughts in a Yahoo Club with over 500 members? Learned my lesson, it’ll never happen again.
  • For the millions of you that constantly talk about me, and think I’m paranoid…STOP IT!!!! I’m not PARANOID!!!!!
  • I barely take myself seriously… much less you two yutzes! I’m not playing “victim” here, I’m just too busy for a flame-war right now.I can pencil you and Jenett in for the second week of November to make your lives a living hell, okay? Best I can do…can I go back to work now…Pleeeeeeease????? It’ll be like old times again, I promise.
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