[#Script #Coding] Stack Data Structure Tutorial – Solve Coding Challenges

Stack Data Structure Tutorial – Solve Coding Challenges

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Oct 05, 2022

freeCodeCamp.org Questions on the stack data structure are very common in technical interviews. Learn how to master the data structure, starting from the easiest problems on LeetCode and InterviewBit and slowly building up intuitions so that the hard problems seem easy. All the questions are popular interview questions from Google, Meta, Microsoft and more!

Tanishq Chaudhary developed this course. Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/c…

    Course Contents

    • SECTION 0 – Introduction

    • (0:00:00) Introduction to the course on the Stack data structure
    • (0:00:31) Stack implementation intuitions + Code in Python3 and C++
    • (0:06:23) Simplify Path | InterviewBit | LeetCode
    • (0:19:01) Min Stack | InterviewBit | LeetCode
    • SECTION 1 – Parentheses

    • (0:30:04) Introduction to Parentheses questions
    • (0:40:24) Valid Parentheses | InterviewBit | LeetCode
    • (0:52:27) Redundant Braces | InterviewBit
    • (1:02:08) Minimum Remove to Make Valid Parentheses | LeetCode
    • (1:12:58) Longest Valid Parentheses | LeetCode
    • SECTION 2 – Calculator

    • (1:17:42) Introduction to Calculator questions
    • (1:22:51) Convert Infix to Postfix
    • (1:40:15) Evaluate Reverse Polish Notation| InterviewBit | LeetCode
    • (1:47:18) Basic Calculator I, II, III | LeetCode

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