Send in the clowns…

In about an hour or so, I will be off with La Famiglia and the extended ones off to the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros Circus (See if you were my REAL friend, I would have free tickets for you too.)

This will of course involve a drive past a mile-long demonstration of protestors FROM PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals), and their “Boycott Animal Abuse” signs. Has anyone ever wondered if any of these animals would still be alive had they been left in the wild? Just curious.

One of my other questions would be: What if the circus was in your town, and an elephant dropped dead in the middle of the big top? What… exactly… do you do then?

As a daddy, with one of my roles in the house being “dead pet removal/burial specialist”, I guess I would think of something like that.

I don’t go to the circus for the animals. I was turned off upon seeing Gunther Gebel-Williams as a kid, and I’ve come to the conclusion that all animal trainers are dicks. I enjoy the circus for a myriad of other reasons:

1. The Clowns
2. The spinny lights you get when they turn the lights down
3. The hopes that THIS will be the SHOW where the guy on the high wire falls to his death.

Oh, that reminds me. Reverend Mykeru, and his “happy bunny site” are back, and powered by Movable Type. (I’ve been meaning to mention it, and I’m not quite sure what reminded me of it in this post.)

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to wish my boss, Patrick, a “Happy Birthday” in the comments. He’s 28… Social Security is right around the corner for YOU, buddy!

10 thoughts on “Send in the clowns…

  1. When I was a little girl, the circus came to town. Right across the street FROM where I lived. We heard the lions roar when the circus arrived-usually at 1am. Kids would get free tickets if they helped set up the tents. I followed an elephant and his “trainer” around the circus,and he had a candle lighter thingy in his hand. When he didn’t like what the elephant was doing, he burned the elephant’s ear. The elephant screamed and looked at me for help..
    I’ve been in therapy since…thank you for making me shake and sweat again 😉
    (the elephant tale is true–therapy needed wasn’t…)

  2. Dear E,

    I just turned 30 and I noticed this weird jewel thing on my left palm. Heck, you know I’ve heard about too much masterbation leading to unwanted hair growth, but it’s like glowing.

    Not to mention I’m HAVING these strange dreams about a robot.

  3. I feel the same way you do about the circus. I could certainly do without the indentured animals! I do love the clowns though! Happy birthday Patrick! You old fart!! *lol* ;o)

  4. I have always loved the circus, however, I haven’t ventured to see it with Little Ms. Prissy Princess ~ she might decide to join on the spot *S* ~ Happy Birthday Patrick!!!

  5. I can’t stand seeing animals locked up like that, trained by some people who have sadistic tendencies, driving the animals insane, making them perform, whether they feel like it or not, sick or tired, doesn’t matter—“get going or I’ll shock you with my Magic Wand!”
    I would rather they died in the wild.
    But I love those circusi (?) that offer human performers, like Cirque du Soleil, showcasing beautiful creatures, doing some amazing things on rope, like ballet and flying! Verrrry Sexy!
    And I bet they don’t get paid peanuts.

  6. Yes, I have always thought about the tightrope walker losing balance as well. not really INTO the circus animals myself. Enjoy it.

    Hope you bought Patrick some booze, that’s the least you could do for the boss on his Birthday.

  7. I too liked the circus. I liked the high wire acts, because they displayed amazing grace, skill and a whole lot of leg! 🙂 The ladies who “flew” as the circus people call it had a way of dressing that kept this teen ager riveted.
    The clowns were ok. The lions and tigers were awesome to watch, but I never thought of the fact that they might be tortured INTO doing their tricks 😮 Thats disgusting! If they aren’t being tortured, thats ok, I guess. I mean, why should humans alone have to work. Equal opportunity for all animals. There are lots of times when I have to go to work when I don’t feel like either, so that doesn’t move me much. As long as they are being well treated, I don’t have a problem. Are we saying that all these animals are being mistreated? What about the performing horses and dogs?

  8. “The hopes that THIS will be the SHOW where the guy on the high wire falls to his death.”

    I always hope that THIS will be the SHOW where someone finally gets killed by a tiger or stepped on by an elephant, in addition to the guy falling to his death ;o)

  9. Ooh! How about:
    The scream FROM the animal trainer HAVING his arm ripped out (a la “Cat People”), causes the elephant to slip and fall on top of two showgirls, which distracts the high-wire guy…. and he falls to his death???

    I’d pay big bucks to see all that. You would too. :0)

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