[Cracked] The Hard Realities Of Life After I Shot Myself In The Head

From Cracked: All PostsThe Hard Realities Of Life After I Shot Myself In The Head:

By J.F. Sargent Published: June 29th, 2017 – There are 94 successful suicides every day, and one attempted suicide every 38 seconds. Most suicide attempts fail, and 70 percent of the people who fail will not attempt again. Attempting suicide is a reflection of a few moments — a short, awful period that a lot of people survive. They get through it. Their lives go back to normal, and the idea that they ever wanted to die seems like a surreal joke. In June of 2010, “Jessica” attempted suicide by putting her husband’s .40 caliber handgun under her chin and pulling the trigger, and the fact that she was able to talk to us without a Ouija board makes her fairly unique, since guns are actually the outlier in the world of suicide statistics: 90 percent of suicides involving a gun succeed. She told us her story and, even though it ends well, it’s pretty terrifying. Fair warning.

[Cracked] Not Sure What To Watch? Boom, Done.

From Cracked: All PostsNot Sure What To Watch? Boom, Done.:

Not Sure What To Watch? Boom, Done.By CRACKED Readers Published: June 16th, 2017 – Ratings for movies and shows are … umm … overrated. There are too many people voting with too many differing opinions to really get a good idea of whether or not what you’re thinking about watching fits your personal tastes. Well, screw all that — here are some pictures and charts that’ll tell you exactly what’s in store.

[Cracked] Modern America, Explained With Charts

From Cracked: All PostsModern America, Explained With Charts:

Modern America, Explained With Charts By CRACKED Readers Published: June 02nd, 2017 – America's a really complicated place to understand -which makes sense when you consider how big a cultural melting pot this country is. And, despite what some people would have you believe, that's not a bad thing at all. It just makes things a little confusing to decipher. Fortunately, charts are great for clearing things up. Here's a bunch that explain America.

[Cracked] We Were Nearly Killed By Modern Day Witch Hunters

From Cracked: All PostsWe Were Nearly Killed By Modern Day Witch Hunters:

We Were Nearly Killed By Modern Day Witch HuntersBy Amanda Mannen | May 26, 2017 | In the Western world, witch hunting has mostly gone the way of leeching and dumping tea in the harbor — that is, only used as a political metaphor. In other parts of the world, though, honest-to-God, torch-and-pitchfork witch hunting is still a thing. In Africa, 55 percent of people believe in witchcraft, up to 95 percent in some areas. In theory, that’s not a huge deal — a farmer will go to a shaman to get a protection charm to keep his cattle safe, that sort of thing. But it stops being fun the moment an angry mob accuses you of being a witch. Just ask “Steve”, a Peace Corps volunteer who, through a calamitous chain of events, found himself naked, filthy, and exhausted, being hunted by an angry mob …

[Cracked] 6 Historical Figures Who Were Thirsty AF

From Cracked: All Posts6 Historical Figures Who Were Thirsty AF :

6 Historical Figures Who Were Thirsty AF – By Carmen Angelica -Published: April 02nd, 2017 – Lord Byron could turn even the noblest of ladies into thirsty, suicidal messes.

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