[#Script #Coding] Top 30 React Interview Questions and Concepts

Top 30 React Interview Questions and Concepts

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Sep 12, 2022

freeCodeCamp.org Prepare for a React interview or improve your React skills by learning about 30 common React JS interview questions and concepts.

Nishant Singh developed this course. Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Cybernatico…

    Course Contents

  • (0:00:00) Introduction
  • (0:00:43) Map and Filter
  • (0:20:06) States in React
  • (0:33:33) Props in React
  • (0:40:34) Inline Conditional Expressions
  • (0:52:04) Event Handling in React
  • (0:57:41) Keys in React
  • (1:03:25) Forms in React
  • (1:18:04) Dynamic Inputs in React
  • (1:26:02) CSS Styling in React
  • (1:36:47) Uncontrolled v/s Controlled Components
  • (1:44:10) Virtual DOM
  • (1:46:05) InnerHTML in React
  • (1:55:23) React Fragments
  • (2:00:02) Stateless v/s Stateful Components
  • (2:01:57) REST API Requests
  • (2:27:05) Debouncing in React
  • (2:38:43) Context API in React
  • (2:49:33) Class v/s ClassNames in React
  • (2:52:59) Higher Order Components
  • (3:06:18) Lazy Loading in React
  • (3:14:34) Helper Functions in React
  • (3:24:21) Implementing Recursion in React
  • (3:27:10) Running Arrays of Functions
  • (3:33:08) Custom Hooks in React
  • (3:37:22) Promises and Async/Await
  • (3:51:52) Code Splitting in React(Dynamic Imports)
  • (3:58:18) Creating a Search Filter in React
  • (4:13:10) Adding TypeScript to React
  • (4:16:36) React Testing Library
  • (4:30:41) Caching an API Response

[#Video #Design] Episode 43: Perception is (Almost) Everything with Mitch Meyers

Episode 43: Perception is (Almost) Everything with Mitch Meyers

By School of Motion
Published: May 30, 2018

School of Motion Mitch

Meyers is an art director, Motion Designer, and artistic celebrity in the Motion Design world. Mitch has done work for Universal, GoPro, the NFL, and Southwest Airlines.

On this podcast episode, Mitch talks about your worth and value as a Motion Designer, how to build a strong brand, and why consistency is important to aspiring MoGraph artists. Get your notepad out. You’re going … [READ MORE]

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