[#Entertainment] Robert Downey Jr. Hopes To Exit MCU Like Jordan Not Kobe: "Want To Hang Up My Jersey Before It’s Embarrassing"

From Comic Book MovieRobert Downey Jr. Hopes To Exit MCU Like Jordan Not Kobe: "Want To Hang Up My Jersey Before It's Embarrassing":

Robert Downey Jr. Hopes To Exit MCU Like Jordan Not Kobe: "Want To Hang Up My Jersey Before It's Embarrassing"With all signs pointing toward Spider-Man: Homecoming being a colossal hit this weekend, some eyes have started looking ahead to the unpredictable future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while it certainly looks bright for new characters like Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, it looks considerably more cloudy for several Marvel mainstays, none more so than Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, a character we’ve known and loved since the MCU’s inception in 2008. While RDJ is currently filming Avengers: Infinity War and is expected to begin Avengers 4 later this summer, rumors have already started to swirl that the epic two-part Phase 3 finale may indeed be the end of the line for his version of Iron Man. Also, considering that there are no definitive plans in place for an Iron Man 4, which combined with the fact that he hasn’t toplined a film since 2014’s The Judge, it would make sense if the 2x Academy Award-nominee wanted to pursue other projects as he transitions into the next stage of his illustrious career.

[#Marvel] Infamous Iron Man: Meet Your Maker

From Marvel Movies NewsInfamous Iron Man: Meet Your Maker:

Infamous Iron Man: Meet Your Maker
In the upcoming INFAMOUS IRON MAN #8 by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev—available May 24—we’ll see The Maker unleashing his master plan, and facing off against Doom. But how exactly did “Ultimate” Reed Richards go so bad? What led him to follow a course so different from the Mister Fantastic of the Marvel Universe? Let’s look at some of the critical turning points in the Maker’s history. With Reed in the Ultimate Universe, we saw a younger version of the brilliant scientist. A child prodigy, Richards always had a challenging relationship with his father, who never really understood him. Reed’s father wanted him to become the popular jock type, and didn’t acknowledge that his son could find another path to success. This early blow to his self-esteem sets Reed on a different path from his Marvel Universe counterpart from the outset. Reed’s downfall really starts with Ultimatum, where Magneto shifted the Earth’s magnetic poles, creating a tidal wave in New York City that killed many of the Ultimate characters close to Richards, including Franklin Storm, whom he worked for—and who appreciated Reed’s genius in a way his father never did. We find out that Doctor Doom had actually orchestrated Magneto’s plan, so Reed feels consumed with guilt, blaming himself for what happened and feeling like he created Doom; this messes with his metal state. Shortly thereafter, events unfold that cause the Fantastic Four to disband. Sue rejects Reed’s marriage proposal and the two of them break up. The end of his relationship and the blow to his most important friendships leaves Richards feeling alone. After the breakup of the FF, Reed moved back in with his parents. His dad gets up to his old patterns. Soon though, his parents both die in an explosion, and we later find out that Reed himself had orchestrated the murder of his family, as well as other attacks, spiraling downward even more, growing darker and darker as a character. As The Maker, Reed leads the Children of Tomorrow, who have the impossible and destructive goal of trying to perfect the world. Richards, we learn, had been trapped in the Negative Zone—where time moves differently—for around a millennium, and this had understandably warped his psyche to what we see today.
The Maker confronts Doctor Doom in INFAMOUS IRON MAN #8, coming May 24 from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev!

Iron Man Speedpainting… check it out!

Come for the painting… stay for the music!

IRONMAN – speedpainting by Nico di Mattia

http://nicodimattia.com/ Music from Stratovarius and Black Sabbath. Around 5 or 6 hours of working. Photoshop and digital tablet. join Nico’s page in Facebook!!: http://www.facebook.com/NICODIMATTIA.illustration

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