[#Marvel] Ford Aims to Let Fans ‘Become the Guardian of Your Galaxy’

From Marvel Movies NewsFord Aims to Let Fans ‘Become the Guardian of Your Galaxy’:

Ford Aims to Let Fans ‘Become the Guardian of Your Galaxy’
People cannot wait for “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” to land in theatres on Friday, May 5, but Ford has a plan to get the good times rolling now. Fans can start the party early by entering the “Be the Guardian of Your Galaxy” sweepstakes at http://www.marvel.com/ecosport. Entrants get a chance to win a Ford EcoSport, a hometown screening of the movie, one of 150 custom illustrations by a Marvel artist depicting the fan as a galactic hero, and plenty of swag. In addition to the All New 2018 EcoSport, the compact SUV designed for all intelligent life, making its big screen debut in “Vol. 2,” the car makers are offering fans a chance to see exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy art before the film opens wide in theaters everywhere. The art, inspired by many of the classic album covers of the 80s, became available to fans through this tweet and in the gallery belowfor the first time. Browse, save your favorites, use them for your phone lock screens, computer backgrounds, and social media profiles, and be sure to let your fellow Galactic travelers know where they can find some of the coolest art this side of Ego the Living Planet. Stay tuned to Marvel.com for the latest on Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” follow @Guardians on Twitter and like the official Guardians of the Galaxy page on Facebook for the latest! Please visit ford.com/suvs/ecosport for more information about the fun, capable, and connected 2018 Ford EcoSport!
No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Must be legal U.S. resident 18 years of age or older. Sweepstakes ends 5/31/17. See Official Rules for details. Ford EcoSport available early 2018.

[#Marvel] Infamous Iron Man: Meet Your Maker

From Marvel Movies NewsInfamous Iron Man: Meet Your Maker:

Infamous Iron Man: Meet Your Maker
In the upcoming INFAMOUS IRON MAN #8 by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev—available May 24—we’ll see The Maker unleashing his master plan, and facing off against Doom. But how exactly did “Ultimate” Reed Richards go so bad? What led him to follow a course so different from the Mister Fantastic of the Marvel Universe? Let’s look at some of the critical turning points in the Maker’s history. With Reed in the Ultimate Universe, we saw a younger version of the brilliant scientist. A child prodigy, Richards always had a challenging relationship with his father, who never really understood him. Reed’s father wanted him to become the popular jock type, and didn’t acknowledge that his son could find another path to success. This early blow to his self-esteem sets Reed on a different path from his Marvel Universe counterpart from the outset. Reed’s downfall really starts with Ultimatum, where Magneto shifted the Earth’s magnetic poles, creating a tidal wave in New York City that killed many of the Ultimate characters close to Richards, including Franklin Storm, whom he worked for—and who appreciated Reed’s genius in a way his father never did. We find out that Doctor Doom had actually orchestrated Magneto’s plan, so Reed feels consumed with guilt, blaming himself for what happened and feeling like he created Doom; this messes with his metal state. Shortly thereafter, events unfold that cause the Fantastic Four to disband. Sue rejects Reed’s marriage proposal and the two of them break up. The end of his relationship and the blow to his most important friendships leaves Richards feeling alone. After the breakup of the FF, Reed moved back in with his parents. His dad gets up to his old patterns. Soon though, his parents both die in an explosion, and we later find out that Reed himself had orchestrated the murder of his family, as well as other attacks, spiraling downward even more, growing darker and darker as a character. As The Maker, Reed leads the Children of Tomorrow, who have the impossible and destructive goal of trying to perfect the world. Richards, we learn, had been trapped in the Negative Zone—where time moves differently—for around a millennium, and this had understandably warped his psyche to what we see today.
The Maker confronts Doctor Doom in INFAMOUS IRON MAN #8, coming May 24 from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev!

[#Marvel] Captain America: Darker Days

From Marvel Movies NewsCaptain America: Darker Days:

Captain America: Darker Days

With CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #17 cutting just a little deeper into our hearts on May 24, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with some of the Star-Spangled Avenger’s less heroic moments. It will be hard to compare to the sheer cringeworthy-ness of Secret Empire, what with the general taking over the world because you’re a Hydra sleeper agent vibes, but we’ll try. Let’s just say it first because you were all thinking it anyway: Civil War. Some of you may have been Team Cap and others Team Iron Man, but whatever your allegiance I think we can all admit that Cap maybe should have just swallowed his pride, sat down with Tony and worked that baggage out—or as the Internet likes to call it, #adulting—instead of passive aggressively forming a secret alliance to try and overthrow everyone at the expense of fellow heroes, civilians and a lot of what I can only imagine to be really expensive buildings and machinery. I’m sure construction companies made a killing afterward but that’s beside the point. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have CAPTAIN AMERICA #165 where we find out our handsome hero dating two women at the same time. Oh, and they’re related! The horror, the scandal, the indecency! It’s actually not as bad as it sounds; Peggy Carter gets amnesia and forgets that she and Cap broke up but he’s already dating her young great-niece Sharon. He doesn’t want to hurt Peggy, so when faced with having to break her heart he decided to date them both. Somewhere in the middle of mass destruction and a sitcom plot, we have a 1990s arc, “Streets of Poison, running through CAPTAIN AMERICA #372378, where Captain America has a brief existential crisis regarding his use of the Super Soldier Serum, ending in him aiding the war on drugs. As his first strike, Steve blows up a facility making “ICE.” But the drugs fuse with his super soldier blood thus beginning the seven-issue bender of Steve Rogers where he beats up Daredevil, kisses Diamondback, calls a guy at a club a chicken—clucking sounds and all—and even—gasp!—eats Kingpin’s spaghetti! A truly masterful play that I’m sure is really a long con we just haven’t seen pay off yet.

[#Marvel] Doctor Strange: New Beginnings

From Marvel Movies NewsDoctor Strange: New Beginnings:

Doctor Strange: New Beginnings
Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo might be leaving DOCTOR STRANGE with #20, but that doesn’t mean the magic stops there. In fact, a completely new creative team stands ready to pick up the Master of the Mystic Arts’ adventures with the following issue, which hits on May 31. Writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Niko Henrichon will kick off their run just as Secret Empire invades the Marvel Universe. As Stephen defends the world against the magical forces involved, the neophyte creative team will continue getting to know their lead. We talked with Henrichon about tackling an event tie-in, working with Hopeless, and the appeal of Doctor Strange’s wild world.

Iron Man Speedpainting… check it out!

Come for the painting… stay for the music!

IRONMAN – speedpainting by Nico di Mattia

http://nicodimattia.com/ Music from Stratovarius and Black Sabbath. Around 5 or 6 hours of working. Photoshop and digital tablet. join Nico’s page in Facebook!!: http://www.facebook.com/NICODIMATTIA.illustration

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