Death by Redundancy

You know, Faith is right… (never mind the fact that “Miss Originality” herself simply ripped off this post, and gave it her own spin.). You stick around CyberTown long enough, and you see the same crap being regurgitated, over, and over, and over… with a new crowd ooh-ing and ahh-ing like it’s the first time; and the world is coming to an end.

And all you wanna do is puke in their comments.

Can anyone PLEAAAAASE find a new topic to fight about?

Is there anything new to fight about?

Something Faith and I didn’t try to kill each other over back in 2000?

Brawl Of The WeekYeah… everybody remember “Brawl of the Week” from last year? Does anyone see me calling Kevin Parrott a dirty, rotten, stinking, low-down, snake-in-the-grass, plaigiarist?

Wouldn’t I look like a total asshole pretending I was the first ever person to think of Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots When it comes to you fake-ass plastic people? I’m sure a zillion other people did it before that.

So come on, you lame ass newbies… you heard the challenge. Fight about something new and original!!!

Unless it’s the old “I’m a whore because I showed my boobs??? Well, here they are AGAIN!!! *FLASH*”.

Us guys never get tired of that one.
It’s a timeless classic.

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18 thoughts on “Death by Redundancy

  1. LMAO! Hell, I can’t think of nothing again. Damn good thing I gave up blogging when I did. You guys would be running me out of town due to boredom. 😉

  2. Well, I hope you don’t think there was any jab at you in Faith’s comments, Lee. I think of how many people cried and lamented when the Half-Mad Spinster said her goodbyes (what was she back in a month?), That brawl with Acidman and Venomous Kate… he was quitting blogging over that post.

    (Gee, a loudmouth asshole -vs- a bitchy lawyer… where have I seen THAT one before?)

    With every example I listed I can think of at least two or more cases…

  3. Bahahahahahahaha! Too true. Now fucking stop pinging me over and over for the same damn post.

  4. *ugh*… that TB Auto discovery is a pain in the ass when you edit your post with each spell-o you discover. Sorry.

  5. We must evolve our fighting techniques if we are ever to become true web-gods of the holy order of The 404. All your bandwidth are belong to L337 suXors.

  6. No, I didn’t take nothin’ personal. hmm …

    Why do you ask? Were you talking about me? Should I have taken it personal?

    Oh, wait a minute, ambiguity has been done to death. LOL! Well, I thought it was funny …

  7. Well, I suppose we could always argue about which incarnation of Eric’s blog sucked the most and bitch about why he refuses to admit that his current blog is in fact a god-damned blog…

    Nah… that’s redundant, too. *g*

  8. Lambchop!!! How good to see you again!
    Yeah… that argument was done by WebmistressJo in 2000 too. I was still a “What’s New” page, I had predicted blogs were a fading fad. But after much bickering and “walks like a duck” arguments, I decided to make this a blog for a few months.

    But it is not a blog anymore. It’s just a page where I log entries on the web again. So there. :0)

  9. Insufficient attack maneuver Faith! Channel inner hostility to achieve maximum curse potential.

  10. Hey, I really like your site design! Even the comments section looks cool!

  11. Hey e, I’ve heard you say this before, “Reminding you that originality is the art of hiding your sources”, but I must say…when I think of your site discretion is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. 😉

    And I haven’t heard anything about boobs in a long time. I feel so left out. *sigh*

  12. lets fight about Bush–but I guess we’ve already covered that, -e-,
    JHC, I can’t think of a f—‘in ass thing!!!
    BTW, what does the “H” stand for in JHC??
    I am really cursing online today…
    I am a bad catholic girl….hee, hee… :-}

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