Spamming for the Lord

I’m getting a kick out of this new wave of spam I get.

“Christian dating service”, “Christian credit unions”… I’ve gotten everthing except “Barely legal Christian teens in the Philippines get bored on a farm” (but don’t think I’m not expecting it).

It certainly doesn’t offend me. I just think it’s funny as he… heck. I was probably sold out signing up on some Contemporary Christian Music site (You know, “get 12 CD’s and a Chick Publication tract for 1¢”?).

While of course there’s no “Thou shalt not spam” commandment on the books, isn’t spam sorta teetering in that grey area where another step closer you can actually smell the brimstone???

There’s legistlation written against it. And I don’t think “To unsubscribe: you must memorize the four spiritual laws, and accept Jesus as your own personal Saviour” is exactly what is in the Federal regulations, you know?

I guess you “saved” dudes are stuck with the spam. Backsliders like me can just accept Jesus again and get off the list. So There.

EricBrooks.Com® – Not interested in the Pamela Lee/Holy Ghost video, but thanks anyway.

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